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    Printable Lightgun (ODCON)

    That rare "it's coming soon" project that actually does come soon! Praise be @Odwalla
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    WTB Vewlix plastic, control panel surround and 2p cp

    If it helps, there are numerous 3D printable Nesica covers available in
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    FS Jaleco Pony Mk2/Mk3, Aero Table, Egret 2/3/awsd, Replica metal parts, MVS U4 25, Canary, more updated

    Every time I see this thread, my eyes jump right to Aero Table, light up, and then I get to 'parts' and I'm sad again.
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    SOLD Megalo 410 w/BenQ projector

    Somebody buy this or I'm gonna put an emulator PC inside it!
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    SOLD Shoot 'em up stuff (no, not that kind) - WELCOME TO THE GUN SHOW

    You can also try the Gun4IR discord, you may have luck there
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    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    There are some parts and discussion in as well
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    WTB Another Pair of Cabs, Want Recommendations As To Which

    I really like the look of the Pras and G-balance cabs, in case you haven't seen those!
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    FS Game Saru cab imports - NO specialty requests until 2025 (updated 5/4/2024)

    Drinks at Round 1! Cereth can show us all the reasons R1's cabs are worse. I'll definitely buy ya lunch.
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    Vewlix Ashtray Stopper - F9008240A

    First there was the Soon, the Vewlix of Franco! Cheers mate.
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    Sunlu S2 Dryer - amazingly effective

    My PLA, which I store in bins with tons of dessicant packages, has started breaking like crazy as it's gotten colder. I finally caved and bought the Sunlu S2 dryer / dehumidifier, and my printer has been executing basically flawlessly in the time since. I did print...
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    FOUND Vewlix Screen Protector

    That's true, but there was still a somewhat annoying amount of play around the sides of my L's stock glass. My new sheet wasn't as big as I'd prefer either.
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    FOUND Vewlix Screen Protector I didn't take that design any further other than using it (I had to drill an extra hole), but another used it and had some success IIRC. Anyway, from that post, the dimensions of the...
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    FS Ultimaker 3 extended with lots of filament (local pickup only - Southern California)

    Wrong link @mathewbeall ; that's to manage the listing. I think you mean to link
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    UenoArcade's Chewlix adventure

    @UenoArcade you can find answers to some of these questions our thread:
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    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    Here are the Fusion360 and STL file exports for the Nesica panel.
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    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    I don't have any experience with them, so I'm not sure about slicer settings, infill, any of that with your printer, but here's the output from run on this model. No experience with this site either though
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    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    No drilling needed for this, at least on my cabinet. I countersunk the printed part, not the coin holder holes.
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    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    What kind of printer do you have? If you're sending it to a library or something, they shouldn't have trouble with the STL.
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    "Ash tray" cup holder coin slot replacement

    Oh great! Glad to hear it worked for you. Here's my solution for the panel, but it's not that sleek. I was much more novice as a modeler back then (didn't know about heat-set inserts, printer was more poorly calibrated so I made boxier designs)...
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    WTB  Vewlix foot bracket with or without leveling screw.

    which part, exactly? There has been a lot of discussion on the Vewlix thread about the leveling feet and the various damage types that can occur, as well as some people trying out replacement feet (rubber padded, etc)...