1. R

    FS: X-Men Arcade 4 Player Cabinet $2500 [Staten Island, NY]

    I’m looking to sell a fully functional X-Men Arcade cabinet (4 player, not 6 player) in relatively good condition. This is an original cabinet and not an Arcade 1up machine. - All joysticks and buttons work. - Sound works fine and can be adjusted. - Screen works but has a very slight...
  2. Retro Raider

    WTB: Pop 'n Bounce Neo Geo mvs cart

    Hi all - Not rare or on most folks' want list, but interested in obtaining an authentic, original label, good condition, tested Pop n Bounce MVS cart. Got one to get rid of? Hit me up. Thanks
  3. Craker

    Darksoft in Shibuya!

    That's it, that's my introduction post 😃👍
  4. Scillianaire

    SOLVED - Taito Orange Diamond Vewlix Brook Universal Fighting Board Compatability

  5. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    GONE: Modified Racing Wheels to DB15/Arcade (Breakout Required)

    Hi there! I apologize if this isn't wholly arcade parts but it is console controls I hacked with arcade in mind. I have two racing wheels lying around that I modified for use on my Sega driving arcade boards that I no longer need. They are taking up space in my bedroom so these would be...
  6. B

    Egret 29 Marquee holders, bracket reproductions.

    Egret 29 Marquee holders- Long time in the works. Mr Derrick cut the plastic and got it here. We finished up the vector work with the help of a friend (thank you very much if you're not on this forum). You have a few options. Vinyl or Blank. Bracket or no bracket. Acyrllic topper- cut to...
  7. Tkat2600


    KEEPING THE MACHINE. ** if you want it shipped, you will have to sort all that out as I am not able to. It works great, has pandora 9D in it and an amp to make it stereo instead of mono. I changed the speakers and added much better sounding ones, then I added a nice AMP so it plays in stereo...
  8. AlxUnderBase

    [FS] Jaleco Pony MK II 28 candy cabinet (ジャレコ ポニーマーク II 28)

    33310 HKD (Hong Kong Dollars) shipped (all taxes included in price) China - Romania Shipping Romania to France (and all Europe states) is around 250 + vat 19% Shipping Romania to UK is 359£ vat included
  9. Nomax

    [For Sale] JVS to USB converter (MP07-IONA-US)

    MP07-IONA-US I/O boards by Mellow PCB are back in stock! This JVS to USB converter allows you to play JVS systems (exA-Arcadia, Naomi, System 256, Type X², ...) using USB controllers: The new firmware supports mahjong and gun controllers for Naomi games. So you can...
  10. gamenwatch

    Sanwa buttons (white,dark hai,white white w/o plunger), JLF joystick, Seimitsu LS-56 joystick

    Sanwa JLF (photos 3, 6): $18 shipped Condition: B+ Seimitsu LS-56 (photos 1, 2) (custom?) pulled from Konami hyper stick: SOLD Condition: B (oxidation on the shaft) 8x white Sanwa buttons 30mm: $16 shipped Condition: B+ (Plungers are lightly scratched) 8x white plungerless Sanwa buttons 30mm...
  11. Matan

    Rail Chase - SEGA Y-BOARD

    Hi all, I recently purchase Rail Chase, which runs on the SEGA Y-BOARD hardware. The game is not JAMMA compatible and I'd like to create a Jamma harness for it (to run on my supergun). Does anyone have the pinout / Service manual of the game/boards?
  12. S

    Kee Games (Atari) TANK color mod

    Hi. When I first got to the Arcade- and Pinball Museum Seligenstadt, their TANK had a color TV and the original monitor was gone, nowhere to be found. It also ran an emulation of Super Tank. So when I got to fixing the original mainboard, I noticed an abundance of video signal parts that just...
  13. AlxUnderBase


  14. Softdrink

    Softdrink Restores Candy Cab Stools

    As part of the process of restoring my New Astro City, I also wanted to take some time to work on the two stools I've been using for the last few years. Both were in rough but serviceable shape and in need of some cleanup and restoration. So far I've spent about a day on the process and finished...
  15. Woodpross3r (ConversusWV)

    Greetings from the 'burg, South Carolina

    Hello everybody! My real name's Paul but I primarily go by my absurd signature on the 'net, Conversus W. (Wears) Vans. It's a little play I did between the Converse/Vans shoe rivarly over 6 years ago, as I was obsessed with the former of the twos brands. :P Well it's great to meet everyone here...
  16. a10pilot

    Question about 29" new Makvision arcade monitor, if it will work with New Astro City

    Hi everyone, I found this listing for a 29" CRT new from factory It is a Makvision M3129DS-72. I have a New Astro City now with no monitor so I need something and I thought this might work. Can...
  17. J

    First serious project i´ve gotten into... Sega New Astro City here i come!

    Hello Arcade friends! My name is Juan from Bogota, Colombia (South America). I recently acquired a Sega New Astro city which is coming in the next couple of days to my place (imported from Ecuador) and i will like your help of how should i tackle this restoration, below are pics of what im...
  18. Matan

    Daytona USA driving board question

    hi all, Do I actually need the driving board for the Daytona USA PCB for it to work or is it just for the force feedback purpose? Thank you,
  19. gamemaster14

    Is Soul Calibur II the only game that uses PS2 memory cards? Does anyone know anything about the format? Can one be cloned?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Soul Calibur II was the only game that used ps2 memory cards for its save game (conquest mode)? Also, does anyone know anything about the format of the memory cards? I had put a card that did not seam to contain a save in my ps2 at one point and the ps2...
  20. Matan

    Jammafying Daytona USA PCB

    hi, Has anyone tried to make a jamma conversion for the legendary Daytona USA to work on your supergun / adapted cabinet ?