1. ConversusWV

    Greetings from the 'burg, South Carolina

    Hello everybody! My real name's Paul but I primarily go by my absurd signature on the 'net, Conversus W. (Wears) Vans. It's a little play I did between the Converse/Vans shoe rivarly over 6 years ago, as I was obsessed with the former of the twos brands. :P Well it's great to meet everyone here...
  2. a10pilot

    Question about 29" new Makvision arcade monitor, if it will work with New Astro City

    Hi everyone, I found this listing for a 29" CRT new from factory It is a Makvision M3129DS-72. I have a New Astro City now with no monitor so I need something and I thought this might work. Can...
  3. J

    First serious project i´ve gotten into... Sega New Astro City here i come!

    Hello Arcade friends! My name is Juan from Bogota, Colombia (South America). I recently acquired a Sega New Astro city which is coming in the next couple of days to my place (imported from Ecuador) and i will like your help of how should i tackle this restoration, below are pics of what im...
  4. Matan

    Daytona USA driving board question

    hi all, Do I actually need the driving board for the Daytona USA PCB for it to work or is it just for the force feedback purpose? Thank you,
  5. gamemaster14

    Is Soul Calibur II the only game that uses PS2 memory cards? Does anyone know anything about the format? Can one be cloned?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Soul Calibur II was the only game that used ps2 memory cards for its save game (conquest mode)? Also, does anyone know anything about the format of the memory cards? I had put a card that did not seam to contain a save in my ps2 at one point and the ps2...
  6. Matan

    Jammafying Daytona USA PCB

    hi, Has anyone tried to make a jamma conversion for the legendary Daytona USA to work on your supergun / adapted cabinet ?
  7. Matan

    My ABP-01 Supergun

    Hello all, I've been working for some time on a SuperGun that will allow meto enjoy my few but selected arcade pcbs'. The idea was a simple,sleek design that will include several features such as:2 player support, S-Video support, kick harness support and internal PSU. Here are a few photos of...
  8. Matan

    The ABP-01 Supergun

    Helloall, I've been working for some time on a SuperGun that will allow meto enjoy my few but selected arcade pcbs'. The idea was a simple,sleek design that will include several features such as: Not toocosty, 2 player support, S-Video support and a kick harness support. Hereare a few photos of...
  9. W

    Hoop Fever arcade Mod Help! Ice Games

    Hey everyone, We are trying to figure out how to slightly modify or interact with the software for Hoop Fever, an old basketball game from Ice Games. There would not be any need for hardware modifications as we have already developed our own solution(s) for communication. We are currently able...
  10. orio1

    3D Printed Sega Blast City Speaker Mod

    3d Printed speaker mod for the Sega Blast City Cabinet. :thumbup: Github Link: Forty Thieves Link:
  11. Escher

    JAMMA Custom Arcade Project (J-CAP) - Part 1

    JAMMA Video Standard The JAMMA Video Standard, or JVS, is an updated version of an earlier protocol standard simply called JAMMA. JAMMA is an analog protocol which became the standard connection scheme for almost all arcade machines built by Namco Bandai, Sega, Taito, Tecmo, Capcom, Konami and...
  12. zoda

    Hello from a Swedish geek, building a Man Cave

    Joining this great Forum. I'm a geek from Sweden who builds an even larger Man Cave than the previous project. Images and comments in Swedish available at I have around 10 pinball machines and currently i own the following arcade games: * Space...
  13. SmokeMonster

    Tekken 3 / Namco System 12 - Recap

    I posted my Tekken 2 recap a while ago, so here is Tekken 3 (Update: I've also posted my Tekken Tag Tournament Restoration). I replaced the SMDs with long-life 105C rated electrolytics. These pictures were taken before I replaced the missing 5R6K component, but after recapping it. I also cleaned...
  14. gamemaster14

    Arcade Light Gun Games on a TV? (not mame) How is this possible? Does anyone know?

    I have seen a few videos on youtube where people have real arcade pcb's running light gun games and they are somehow playing them on a regular tv screen with the real arcade light guns. I would like to know if anyone knows how this is possible. The link below is Lukemorse1 playing Crypt Killer...
  15. ninjando

    New Vs City Issues

    My New Versus City hasn't been outputting sound since I got it, so I tried looking into it today to see if I can find the root of the problem. I wanted to test it with Naomi so I adjusted the voltage to make sure I wouldn't blow anything. Before I adjusted the voltage I had Street Fighter Alpha...
  16. Spike

    Hello from NC

    hello im new to the arcade resoration, but have always had a soft spot for them since the first time my dad brought me to celebration station when i was 9. Anyway im building an arcade in my house and i was told this was a great place to get advice and maybe even get some of the stuff im looking...
  17. Mattroid

    Bubble Bobble High Score / Special Item Counter Save Kit

    Not sure if anyone here would have any interest in working on such a project, but it's one that has a lot of interest, just not by the right technical people, haha. So apparently Dave Widel might have made a Bubble Bobble high score save kit some time ago, but as far as I know what was made was...
  18. Matan

    MVS and jamma issue

    Dear all, I'm building a supergun for the first time. I read about the fact that MVS has some sound issues when using a standard jamma connector. I got a wiring diagram from Google indicating some switches that are need to be used, it was not so clear to me. Please share your experience and...