1. kazuo

    FS JNX SpitFire AutoFire Jamma Adapter w/ Voltmeter & Negatron

    As the comically long title states, I have a SpitFire w/ a Voltmeter and a Negatron (to generate -5V) for sale. 85 shipped within CONUS. Send me a PM!
  2. Crown Arcade Shop

    Autofire PCB for Sanwa OBSF-30, Samducksa SDB-202

    I love shooting games, especially early Konami Shooters. Personally, I often used to make autofire circuits using 555 timer chips, I also installed this circuits in some Arcade Shops in Korea. So I became interested in making a autofire board that can be installed under the arcade button. After...
  3. RGB

    [OUT OF STOCK] PALM PCB - Autofire and button remapping for NeoGeo/DB15 controllers

    Description I had this little project ready months ago, but was way too busy to release it. But finally – I present you the PALM PCB, a RECO PCB variation for those who for some reason can’t use RECO in their setup. PALM PCB works like a NeoGeo controller passthrough, but with some extra...
  4. RGB

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    About The RECO is a PCB that connects in between your arcade cabinet/supergun and the JAMMA PCB game offering features such as on-the-fly button layout remapping, rapid-fire, 6 profiles to store your settings, and more. General JAMMA, JAMMA+ compatible Programmable button layout Programmable...