1. D

    Joystick wiring solution to avoid installing additional buttons (A+B=C)

    Hi all, I've only recently found this forum and I wish to share this mod as someone else may find it useful. Thank you for letting me join the group. I have a Sega Astro City mini stick and as we all know there is only a Select (credit) button and a Start button. I wanted to mod it with a Brook...
  2. okayandy

    [Help] 2xVewlix Diamond Orange - TTX3 multi + PC/Console

    Just received my two Vewlix diamond orange cabinets! I've been browsing the forum and FB groups but would love some help on getting to my preferred set up. I want to be able to have these two cabinets run a ttx3 multi and a PC and/or Console with Brooks universal fighting board. I want the...
  3. JasenHicks

    Jasen's Customs: Panzer Fight Stick 4

    The Panzer Fight Stick 4 is coming. I’ve teased a few pictures in Discord and Twitter and not so subtle hints as to what it’s all about, but that changes now. Keep an open mind and read all the way through! The PFS4 is going to be a swappable panel fight stick. Not like the Panzer Fight Stick...
  4. Scillianaire

    SOLVED - Taito Orange Diamond Vewlix Brook Universal Fighting Board Compatability

  5. Scillianaire

    Brook UFB in an Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Has anyone tried to put a UFB into an orange / black diamond vewlix cabinet? One that is natively USBIO. I would love to switch between the type X3 multi and home console play but haven’t been able to run a brooks in there so far as I’ve tried. Worked fine in my blue diamond. Any thoughts?
  6. G

    SOLD .