forgotten worlds

  1. twistedsymphony

    Why haven't you Pre-Ordered a Capcom Spinner yet?

    Hursit is making some AWESOME 100% accurate Replica Capcom Push-Spinners for use with games like Forgotten Worlds and ECO Fighters, and compatible with games like Arkanoid, Puzz Loop, and many others. Official Thread here...
  2. Derick2k

    Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' Spinner Repro by Hursit Official Interest Check Poll

    The Capcom "Forgotten Worlds' CPS1 Spinner is well underway to being reproduced by @hursit. These spinners will work with the original CPS1 pcb and as well with the expected CPS1 multi-board by @Darksoft The expected price per spinner at this point is $180-230 The spinner(s) will include a...