1. Softdrink

    Laser-cut Astro City Marquee Holder

    Overview Front view of the marquee holder installed on a New Astro City cabinet. A few years ago I created a DIY lasercut marquee holder for the SEGA Astro City and New Astro City arcade cabinet. This design wasn't perfectly accurate - I didn't have reference to an original holder at the...
  2. kazuo

    [SOLD] Namco Noir (and clones) Marquee Bracket

    Marquee/Marquee Assembly not included. It's the metal bracket/holder that the rest of the marquee assembly slides and bolts into. This bolts onto the back of the cab. It came off a clone but it should fit the real deal, I have yet to run into a single part (that wasn't wiring) that I couldn't...
  3. RadiantAnsel

    Fate/Unlimited Codes arts (In Search of)

    It seems they were up in the official website at some point, no one archived these properly apparently (Not a single zip works) There is also a couple of PS2 posters that had a couple of extra things, those...
  4. Retro Raider

    WTB: Neo Geo MVS 4-slot Big Red marquee (plexi)

    Hi all. Hope everyone had a good 4th. I'm hoping someone can direct me to either a nice condition original 4-slot Big Red marquee (not the mini ones, the large one-piece marquee that is made of plexi-type material), or recommend one from a reproduction site/company who does good work at a fair...
  5. BigSchmid

    Mini Cute Marquee Artwork?

    I know there are fantastic marquees being made and sold on the forum and I'm very curious about a Mini Cute marquee myself but was curious - I've never actually seen someone with artwork in that marquee. Does someone have a handle on what it looks like, where I might find artwork/scans or...
  6. gamenwatch

    FS: Guilty Gear XX AC Naomi/Net City Marquee

    Selling the art for $20 shipped, not the marquee holder as it's chipped and damaged. Unless you really want the marquee holder with it then I can sell for $40 shipped. I'll try to include the broken pieces if you feel you can bondo it together. Shipping to US only.
  7. dnphamus13

    Taito Universal JVS PCBs & F-Zero AX Control Panel

    - Taito Universal JVS PCBs (Part Numbers: J9100576A, K91X1130A or K91X1040A) or from Half-Life 2 Arcade (Part Numbers: K91X1066D & K91X1066B). Willing to pay $75 USD - F-Zero AX Control Steering Panel. Sold my cab to make room in the garage, now regretting it. Need control panel with wires...
  8. chemdream

    Neo Geo Marquees

    I'm looking for: Nam 75 Waku Waku 7 Does anyone make new reprints of Neo Geo marquees? Thanks!