1. tDRG

    [WTB] Nanao 2930 Remote Board Cable for Blast City

    I'm looking for a replacement cable that connects the remote board to the Nanao 2930 monitor in my Blast City. I've attached a picture of where it connects to the monitor. Original or reproduction would be fine. I asked Yaton already and he doesn't have any.
  2. kazuo

    Monitor interference/issues on MS8

    Hey everyone, Been noticing this issue pop up off and on for me over the last year or so. Not really sure what the deal is, but it's become more persistent in the last couple of weeks and I'm no longer able to look the other way. ;) This is on a MS8-25 with a Mean Well power supply (QP-150-3A)...
  3. Scillianaire

    MS-9 horizontal collapsing and geometry issues

    Got a cab with an MS9 recently and the monitor seemed DOA. Took it to PNL and they got it back online but now it doesn’t maintain geometry and if you push the image right on the remote board it starts to collapse on its self -the displayed image is noticeably crushed/ more narrow to that side...
  4. tDRG

    Blast City Monitor Discharge

    I'm taking the monitor out of my Blast to clean everything, so I want to discharge it. I have a high voltage probe from BK Precision. I connected the ground clip to the metal on the chassis and put the pointed tip under the anode, but didn't get any reading on the probe or hear anything. I...
  5. tengugurl

    Can I Swap a neck pcb from a ms2933 to a ms2930?

    Hi all! Quick question, hopefully quick answer (lol probably no haha) Looked at the pcb on the neck board they look very similar (haven’t checked resistor values and stuff) but, thought I should ask if anyone has swapped out a neck board from a different chassis model? (Aka my Nanao ms2933 to a...
  6. A

    SOLD: Zero-burn Nanao MS8-25TB located in Atlanta, GA:

    Update: Monitor sold to a local. For sale is an extremely rare variant of a Nanao MS8. This is a "25 inch" (A59 tube size) version of the MS8. They are more commonly found in a "26 inch" version in Sega cabs. This monitor is the same size as late model Makvisions sold as "24.8 inch". This...
  7. JScott03

    Nanao MS9 "blooming"? help

    Hello! First post so hope I'm in the right place. I recently recapped a Nanao MS9 and NVS-4000 PSU. Everything went great. I was having an issue BEFORE the recap where the screen will shake/expand/bloom on bright screens (metal slug intro/samurai shodown fights). The issue still remains after...
  8. FrAshi

    MS-2930 - 15hz horizontal width?

    Blast City with Nanao MS-2930. In 15hz mode (using a cps2 multi), I have about 2 inches on the left and right. I’ve read something about a switch on the chassis to go wide... anyone know about this? I’ve messed with most of the adjustments on chassis and it’s helped with picture quality and...