naomi 2

  1. R

    Naomi PSU ac connector

    Can anyone tell me what this female connector is call or even better link me to one on mouser/digikey? I wanna make myself another of these cables but can't find it.
  2. R

    Ikaruga Capcom IO

    Does Ikaruga not support the Capcom IO? Is there another IO that I should be using instead? I feel like I've seen a website with IO compatibility before, but I can't for the life of me find it again.
  3. Scillianaire

    Busted the USB port on my Naomi 2

    Somehow mangled the USB port on my Naomi 2, any suggestions? Anyone have a digikey link for the part. I would love to repair rather than replace the filter board. Pics
  4. Ed - HCF

    Naomi 2 CPU & Case Fan Replacement

    Hi All! I've just finished up replacing all the fans in my obnoxiously noisy Naomi 2, documenting the steps in the process, and I thought I'd share the video here in case it may help others. Hope you enjoy! Link: View:
  5. R

    Naomi 2 Net Dimm Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone! I just got my first Naomi 2 with a Net Dimm and I'm having some trouble with it. First off the Naomi 2 will boot and let me go through the test menu just fine without the Net Dimm. When I have the Net Dimm plugged in, I get nothing. I'm using a super gun with the Capcom IO...
  6. robbiederhase

    Need help with my Naomi 2 CF setup.

    Hi everyone. I'd please like a little help getting my Naomi 2 set up with a CF reader dimm board i got from axunworks. So I run a little game/music/collectibles shop in socal and I have a small arcade section for guests to come play. I bought a blast city just to run a Naomi 2 board...
  7. K

    WTB: Sega Naomi 2 base / PCB

    UK based, looking for replacement Naomi 2 PCB. Could be PCB only, or PCB inside grey/blue housing with filter board. To swap into system. Must be burn in tested. Meaning not just memory tested, but actually tested long enough running something demanding such as VF4 to confirm BGA solder all...
  8. gamemaster14

    Sega Naomi 2 Board will not run Naomi 2 games?

    I have had a Naomi 2 board for a good while now, never had any issues with it, The other day I tried to run Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned and it just freezes at the Sega screen. I did some more trouble shooting, Naomi 1 games such as Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core work...
  9. D

    FS: Arcade Board Clear Out (Chihiro, Sega Parts, CPS2)

    Selling off parts of my collection. Available only to USA/Canada at this time. Prices either include or don't include shopping, see listing for info: Chihiro Games/Parts House of the Dead 3 GD-Rom & Security Pic - 200$ Shipped Crazy Taxi High Roller GD-Rom & Security Pic - 150$ Shipped SOLD...
  10. T

    Naomi 2 problem

    Hey everyone, by the end of last year, I was able to purchase a Sega Naomi 2 with a Raspberry Pi (PiForce Tools 1.5 installed) and a NetDimm (firmware 3.17) Since the whole real arcade hardware was new to me, I had to buy several additional items afterwards (which I didn't knew back then I...
  11. kahlovand


    Hey, I hope anyone can help me with my problem (I come from german and my english is not the best) Last Week i buy an Sega naomi 2 Cab with virtua soccer 3. Now when i start the game and use my Soccer Team its still freezed not black screen still freezed. What can i do? Its possible to make a...
  12. KOarcade

    Dreamcast Lightgun (Madcatz) used on Naomi???

    Hi Everyone, First of all, a BIG thanks to all that help this site grow. This site has helped a grown kid/man fulfill his arcade dreams. Okay, let's get to business. The Naomi Question: Does anyone know if a Dreamcast Lightgun will work with a Naomi for House of the Dead 2 and other lightgun...
  13. winteriscoming

    NAOMI 2/Chihiro/Triforce Card Reader Emulator (Initial D3/WMMT/Mario Kart/F-ZERO AX)

    Edit: Now there's one for F-ZERO AX! Download and wiring info here: NAOMI 2/Chihiro/Triforce Card Reader Emulator (Initial D3/WMMT/Mario Kart/F-ZERO AX) Edit: Now there's one for Mario Kart Arcade GP! Download and wiring info here: NAOMI 2/Chihiro/Triforce Card Reader Emulator (Initial...