1. kragit

    WTB - Neo Geo MV-1C

    Looking for a working, clean MV-1C board in the US. Also may be interested in lower priced MVS carts and multi-carts.
  2. RGB

    [OUT OF STOCK] PALM PCB - Autofire and button remapping for NeoGeo/DB15 controllers

    Description I had this little project ready months ago, but was way too busy to release it. But finally – I present you the PALM PCB, a RECO PCB variation for those who for some reason can’t use RECO in their setup. PALM PCB works like a NeoGeo controller passthrough, but with some extra...
  3. Matan

    MVS and jamma issue

    Dear all, I'm building a supergun for the first time. I read about the fact that MVS has some sound issues when using a standard jamma connector. I got a wiring diagram from Google indicating some switches that are need to be used, it was not so clear to me. Please share your experience and...
  4. Darksoft

    NEOGEO + AES Multigame cartridge - NEW POLL INCLUDED. PLEASE VOTE!

    Voting is over, but if you want to have a look check here: Which Option Do You Prefer For Darksoft's Neo-Geo Multigame Cartridge? I'm making a small FAQ to avoid answering and answering again the same questions.... The goal at this moment is to have a cartridge based on FPGA+DDR that can hold...