1. Matan

    SOLD PC-Engine, CD-ROM2 and Interface Unit, Recapped, RGB Moded W/ cable - Tested

    Up for sale, a complete set of Pc-Engine with cd-rom2 recapped and RGB modded. List includes the following: 1. PC-Engine - recapped 2. Cd-rom2 unit - new gear installed 3. Interface unit IFU-30 - recapped and RGB modded 4. Original pc-engine controller 5. RGC RGB cable to SCART 6. Original PSU...
  2. brandon.arnold

    The Real Phoenix A/V amp for custom superguns, COMBO AV EX++, PANA, or Boardmaster

    The Real Phoenix A/V amp for custom superguns, COMBO AV EX++, PANA, or Boardmaster Overview I’d like to share a solution to attenuate RGB and audio levels in a custom supergun, or to fix the output from various Japanese superguns. This PCB was generously put together and open-sourced by The Real...
  3. P

    Making own 8pin to SCART cable for minigun?

    Hey, it is a real pain to buy a cable plus shipping which is the price of another cable so i wanted to make my own cable i have a bunch of 8pin male connectors and high quality scart cables that can be cannibalized. I want to use the cable only for my MINIGUN with 8pin din (i ordered the PCBs...
  4. SmokeMonster

    Customized Home Arcade System HAS Supergun

    I posted a few pictures a while ago of the first set of LEDs that I added to my HAS. I replaced those today with two 10cm blue LED strips from eBay. They look better and give a more even glowing effect to the bottom acrylic panel. New 10cm LED strips installed. I never place...
  5. RGB

    [FS] RECO PCB - JAMMA button remapping & rapid-fire device

    About The RECO is a PCB that connects in between your arcade cabinet/supergun and the JAMMA PCB game offering features such as on-the-fly button layout remapping, rapid-fire, 6 profiles to store your settings, and more. General JAMMA, JAMMA+ compatible Programmable button layout Programmable...