1. funk

    Vewlix F ground points?

    Picked up a viewlix, original parts throughout but some of the wiring has been pulled around pretty badly. Can anybody confirm where the ground cables are run to on the cabinet, I looked into that manual but it wasn't too clear. I suspect it should be clamped to the lower left of the inside of...
  2. TodoRojo

    Vewlix Diamond Blues (56k beware!)

    Hello Everybody, I got a couple more projects knocked out over the winter and thought I'd share my journey. First, a big thank you to @Cereth and @Lemony Vengeance for the great deal and delivery! Some of you may remember there was a deal Cereth did as a "Black Friday" special in order to...
  3. jermz1

    FS Tekken 8 Vewlix Art Set

    4 Left $60 a set $5.95 USPS Ground advantage shipping PayPal F&F You'll receive 1 Marquee, Header, Top / Bottom Speaker area, and Control panel art. FCFS
  4. P

    SOLD Taito Vewlix F Original Panel

    An original Vewlix F Panel. Expect the button side to not look quite as nice as it does in the pictures; it has some smudges and scratches when viewed in better light. $80 OBO. Shipping $20, to US addresses only. Any questions, just ask.
  5. DAC

    FS Official Vewlix JAMMA Kit + Wei-Ya Switching power supply

    I've had this JAMMA kit that has sat in my Blue diamond for 5 - 6 years doing nothing and feel like it's time to get rid of it. asking $1300 OBO Shipped in the US
  6. jermz1

    SF6 Type Arcade Noir / Vewlix Artwork Set

    I custom made this for some friends and myself a week after release. I figured I'd share with the rest of yall. The Vewlix includes : - 2 marquee variants and an oversized foam board like the USF4 marquee. - 2 character strips -...
  7. tDRG

    My Vewlix Upgrade Parts List

    There are tons of great restoration threads out there, but I wanted to share a quick and complete parts list of everything I used (and some other things that were suggested elsewhere) to upgrade my cabinet. I didn't use any existing wiring or equipment in the cab, I just connect the monitor and...
  8. Otachi_R1X

    Vewlix Diamond Blue w/TTX3 + Brook UFB

    Hey All, here’s a little issue I’ve been banging my head against: I have a Vewlix Diamond Blue cab with Fast I/O connected to a TTX3. I’d like to also be able to connect a PS4 in the cab too, which I have done with the use of a Brook UFB. It just requires swapping my control panel over the the...
  9. Magus Incognito

    FS NOS Taito Vewlix Stool (48cm) Black Leather 481008010

    I have two official Vewlix Stools (48cm) from Taito for sale. These stools are "New Old Stock" and are in excellent condition. Please see pic for reference. Cost for each stool is $250. No Shipping, Pickup Only, Buyer must arrange to pickup in San Diego, CA.
  10. Magus Incognito

    FS Taito JAMMA KIT-(VEWLIX) Z9351080A

    I have two officail Taito Vewlix Jamma Kits up for sale. These kits are complete and come with original packaging and are in "Like New" condition. Please see the pics for reference. Cost for each kit is $950 plus buyer pays for insured shipping or can arrange to pickup in San Diego, CA.
  11. Otachi_R1X

    Vewlix Diamon Button Harness Diagram

    Does anyone happen to now what the OEM 1P button harness pinout is in the Vewlix Diamond Blue? I'm installing my Type X3 in my Vewlix Diamond Blue and realized I forgot to document the original harness layout before disconnecting it, which I had done so I could install a Brook UFB, so now I have...
  12. Otachi_R1X

    FS WTB - Vewlix Diamond OEM 1080P monitor

    Anyone have a new or good condition used Taito Vewlix OEM 1080P monitor for use in a Diamond Blue? Looking to get my hands on one ASAP, willing to pay a bit over market rate for good quality.
  13. okayandy

    [Help] 2xVewlix Diamond Orange - TTX3 multi + PC/Console

    Just received my two Vewlix diamond orange cabinets! I've been browsing the forum and FB groups but would love some help on getting to my preferred set up. I want to be able to have these two cabinets run a ttx3 multi and a PC and/or Console with Brooks universal fighting board. I want the...
  14. SnakeGrunger

    FS Reproduction Taito Vewlix LED Strips,

    As the title says ! Available on my website, brand new, in stock ready to ship. Feel free to ask any questions !
  15. reclaimer

    Exa Arcadia - 4 player 2 cab setup help

    Hey all! Wantjng to set up Exa Arcadia with two Vewlix cabs, for 4 player games. I know Exa suggests buying their custom 4 player harness and I/o. Their I/o is always out of stock. What’s another way? Has anyone set this up? Thanks!!
  16. Scillianaire

    SOLVED - Taito Orange Diamond Vewlix Brook Universal Fighting Board Compatability

  17. Scillianaire

    Game Pad Joint PCB Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Does anyone know exactly what this board does especially the circled socket?
  18. Scillianaire

    Brook UFB in an Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Has anyone tried to put a UFB into an orange / black diamond vewlix cabinet? One that is natively USBIO. I would love to switch between the type X3 multi and home console play but haven’t been able to run a brooks in there so far as I’ve tried. Worked fine in my blue diamond. Any thoughts?
  19. J

    FS WTT: Lindbergh P1 Panel

    I have a 1P Sega Lindbergh panel in really good condition and would like to trade it for a Vewlix panel or any 2P Sega candy panel. Thanks.
  20. G

    Complete newbie to Vewlix (UK)

    Hi all, Firstly, this is my first post on this or any forum, so I apologies for any miss posting I am doing. I have a few questions which I've tried to find the answers to on the forum, but couldn't quite see an exact answer, or I simply don't quite understand it all. Apologies again if it is...