1. reclaimer

    Exa Arcadia - 4 player 2 cab setup help

    Hey all! Wantjng to set up Exa Arcadia with two Vewlix cabs, for 4 player games. I know Exa suggests buying their custom 4 player harness and I/o. Their I/o is always out of stock. What’s another way? Has anyone set this up? Thanks!!
  2. Scillianaire

    SOLVED - Taito Orange Diamond Vewlix Brook Universal Fighting Board Compatability

  3. Scillianaire

    Game Pad Joint PCB Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Does anyone know exactly what this board does especially the circled socket?
  4. Scillianaire

    Brook UFB in an Orange Diamond Vewlix

    Has anyone tried to put a UFB into an orange / black diamond vewlix cabinet? One that is natively USBIO. I would love to switch between the type X3 multi and home console play but haven’t been able to run a brooks in there so far as I’ve tried. Worked fine in my blue diamond. Any thoughts?
  5. J

    WTT: Lindbergh P1 Panel

    I have a 1P Sega Lindbergh panel in really good condition and would like to trade it for a Vewlix panel or any 2P Sega candy panel. Thanks.
  6. G

    Complete newbie to Vewlix (UK)

    Hi all, Firstly, this is my first post on this or any forum, so I apologies for any miss posting I am doing. I have a few questions which I've tried to find the answers to on the forum, but couldn't quite see an exact answer, or I simply don't quite understand it all. Apologies again if it is...
  7. Nomax

    [Group buy] New Vewlix monitor upgrade kits

    The second group buy of official Taito Vewlix replacement monitor kits has started! This official drop-in monitor upgrade for Taito Vewlix offers a fast response time, low lag display at 1080p resolution with vivid colours. It has better performance than the stock Vewlix DIA Black monitor...
  8. B

    Egret 29 Marquee holders, bracket reproductions.

    Egret 29 Marquee holders- Long time in the works. Mr Derrick cut the plastic and got it here. We finished up the vector work with the help of a friend (thank you very much if you're not on this forum). You have a few options. Vinyl or Blank. Bracket or no bracket. Acyrllic topper- cut to...
  9. SnakeGrunger

    FS : Taito Vewlix adapter kit for Sega JVS I/O boards

    As the title suggest, I've designed and made a few adapter kits to mount standard JVS I/Os into a Taito Vewlix 'G' style control panel mount. You can order them from here : Any question please feel free to ask !
  10. MostVerticalPrimate

    WTB Blue Diamond Vewlix JVS IO

    Hi all, I am looking to buy a JVS IO for my Blue Diamond Vewlix. I currently have FastIO installed on it, but no way to play any FastIO titles. The last JVS IO I bought was too small for my harness, and I know one has to be out there.
  11. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Vewlix monitor frame

    Good day everyone, I just received my Vewlix FC, but don't have the black frame for the monitor. I'm planning on installing a universal mounting bracket from Hadouken arcade, but can't really mount it without the black frame for the monitor itself! Has anyone else purchased a Vewlix without...