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Dr. Willy

Jan 23, 2017
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Redding, CA
I have a razing storm deluxe cabinet on location and the 357 in it won’t stop overheating. I’ve done everything by I can think of at this point and am looking for any other advice.

I have re-thermaled the cpu/gpu with artic mx-6.

I have swapped out the 12v fans in the metal case unit with bigger beefier ones that are pushing more air.

The cabinet has two 110v exhaust fans which work great, I haven’t swapped them because they appear to be moving good air.

The location itself isn’t hot inside, I have be 357 mounted towards the back of cab and the entire back door assembly off the unit so any hot air can get out.

If I pull the 357 out along with the I/o and run them on my bench they will run for 24hr straight no problem. It’s when I put them back in the cab that it over heats.

Looking for any tips/tricks I might have missed to solve this issue.
Try a different type of power cord or plug the 357 in another outlet too ,
Check the wirings like rat bites or something that had been grounded in each wire to make a system signal his program to stop ,
Replace the vga/cable this to sometimes grounded from the monitor has an effect
Hope this helps