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Jun 17, 2021
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Taipei, Taiwan
I' think about an All-in-One / Multi-Purpose cabinet that can be shared with PS3/PC/JAMMA/JVS. Here's what I have in mind so far:
  1. Connect Zero-delay arcade stick and LCD monitor to KVM switch,
  2. JAMMA Harness to Undamned USB decoder (terminal block) * 2, arcade power supply, and GBS8200
  3. MP07-IONA-US JVS to USB
  4. Smart strip
  5. Audio Y splitter
My concern is how much input delay will be caused by Undamned USB decoder and so-called zero-day. Any suggestions on parts listed above or anything are highly welcomed.
With a JVS cab, you can get a JVS-PAC2 to connect a PC, a jammafier for jamma games (both from irkenlabs on this board). https://irkenlabs.com/jvspac2/introduction/

From there, it looks like you can get some kind of ps3 to jamma converter. No idea how well these things work though.
Thanks. JAMMAFIER is literally a supergun, which can simplify my project. My initial research on the internet showed that there's no noticeable input lag caused by conmbination of Undamned USB decoder and zero-delay fightstick. I should be good to go.
May I know how I can directly connect the zero-delay stick and buttons to JAMMA harness without USB decoder so the stick and buttons and used on PC and cabinet?