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I forced a refund but I lost the 4.5% fee to PayPal.
How does this work? My main problem with PayPal is that the seller loses out on the fee, not the buyer (more so that anyone loses out on it in the first place). Granted that’s a problem for me because as a seller I believe it’s my responsibility to uphold the integrity of the transaction more than the buyer’s responsibility, but all that aside I’m curious how you got shafted with the fee and he didn’t
I think this is going to end up badly. He seems to be just a middleman and quality is just below reasonable. I can see how this is going to end. To everyone: buying cabs from a guy in Indonesia, which is far, and the guy doesn't post real pictures, has no references and only accepts PayPal friends..... seriously? That can't end well....
I'm closing this thread.
We probably need some extra staff to moderate the sales section.
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Not open for further replies.