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May 20, 2016
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Brisbane, Australia
Seeing as there's quite a number of Aussies on here, it would be good to get a list of us all for future networking, group buys and possibly planning a meet up.

If you could provide the following details, we can have a nice little registry of Aussie members here.

1. Username
2. Location (State)
3. Services you can offer other members (repairs, sales, etc.)
4. Things you're looking for?
5. Website links?


1. djsheep
2. Brisbane, QLD
3. I can help out with burning EPROM chips, doing general soldering/de-soldering tasks and help install and troubleshoot multi kits. I can also offer RJ45-to-console cables, basic crimping and various console mods. I'm also down to trade arcade/console bits and pieces with other forum members.
4. Nothing, all cabs and PCBs I want secured!
5. https://www.candycabclub.com | https://www.facebook.com/videogamemarkets



QLD: @xodaraP, @djsheep, @OsirusANZ, @buffaloj0e, @SpudJones, @doozer, @GC8TECH, @Lebowski, @doozer, @raziel2001au, @tonjo, @Cideburns, @yiggs, @goatland, @dennydevito, @Adzy83, @Bokoshi, @xb74, @dan-esc, @segasonic91 aka @SMD88, @TipsyMcStagger, @klee123, @Tombstone

ACT: @Reading-comics, @dodgydood

NSW: @mR_CaESaR, @Nimmers, @CoinFeeder, @SuperScore29@sneek, @IntoxicA, @Flain, @Hydr0genjukebox, @lobsterboi, @Gehirn, @evilsim, @puckmungo, @2wenty2wo, @Ryuzaki, @nickpro, @R64, @ThatMattyC, @viletim, @Ziggy Cheetos Dust, @sol, @Redferatu, @rthorntn, @Notsuoh, @DRAGONKZ, @Offsider

VIC: @oneleaf86, @plasia, @Pelly, @DiGiTaLJaM, @MRTCPS2, @Jethro, @djdevant, @modology, @tmax, @Eurotimmy, @Pinballer, @richtr8, @orio1, @SPEC, @Rtl, @darksofter, @mookie3three, @buzzmx, @corey, @supanova00, @Hunterhunter, @zetsurin, @vaughan14, @Zitz, @djcalle, @KillSwitch, @gobblebit, @Mares, @Flyingdragon, @dentnz, @kasaski, @mbd, @kulateam, @darthpaul86, @Murray, @waali, @phokkun, @juswri, @KellyNUTS,@Eugy,@Lachlan, @emptor

SA: @Frank_fjs, @GZA, @dexster, @Dzhay, @howmuch4cash

WA: @tiff_lee, @daithidownunder, @Mr T Guru, @euphoria, @deathwombat, @Namesoda


Chassis & Arcade PSU Repair / Refurb:
Joey @ www.jomac.net/

Arcade Art Reproductions:
Carson @ www.noodleshirt.com/

EPROM Burning:
@xodaraP, @djsheep, @Nimmers

PCB Repair / Soldering Tasks:

Darksoft Multi Kit Installs:
@xodaraP, @djsheep

CPS-2 Infinikey Install:

Cable Crimping / Kick Harnesses:

Console Mods & Repairs:
@evilsim, @djcalle

Arcade Stick Mods & Repairs
@plasia, @yiggs

RJ45-to-Console Cables:
@djsheep, @dan-esc
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1. Plasia / PlaYsiA
2. Mildura, VIC
3. Used to do all sorts of arcade stick repairs/mods for the Melbourne FGC. Now I have better equipment but I'm 6hrs away from Melbourne!
4. x360 Virtual On twin sticks, UD-USB DB15s, Time Crisis pedal, CRT Monitors
  1. Frank_fjs
  2. Adelaide
  3. PCB design, console mods / repairs
  4. Arcade PCBs; currently chasing PGM Bee Storm, Atomiswave Dolphin Blue, R-Type Leo.
1. buffaloj0e
2. Qld (Rockhampton)
3. Very much just the beginner, my success rate with the soldering iron is about 50/50.
4. Not looking for anything specific, had some beginner luck find some random (mostly broken) pcb’s, should be picking up a cab and some more pcb’s on the weekend so I can have a bit more of an idea after that.
1. xodaraP
2. Gold Coast (QLD)
3. I do some arcade board repairs, old computer repairs, fix random electronics etc.
4. Not looking for anything in particular at the moment
1. Nimmers
2. Sydney, NSW
3. @sneek and I distribute UD infinikeys. Looking at getting in some other bits and pieces like SCART to BNC adapters and console RGB bypass boards for sale out os Aus. I dabble a bit in repairing Sony PVM monitors.
4. Looking for a Sega 16b board suitable for a multi.
5. www.sneeknet.io, twitter:lolNimmers, twingalaxies:EVN
1. SpudJones
2. Brisbane, QLD
3. Some board repairs but moreso the older stuff with DIPs rather than surface mount PCBS.
4. Not looking for anything right at the moment.
1. Pelly
2. Melbourne, VIC
3. I am into arcade cab restorations mostly, but have so much of a backlog of my own that I am not really looking to offer it up as a service as yet. I have plenty of random arcade parts, PCB's etc.. that I am always willing to sell/trade etc...
4. A few PCB's mainly... Bubble Bobble (original), Double Dragon 3, TMNT in Time, Super Off Road
5. Put this together for a scratch build DK I did ages ago http://pellysarcade.com/ Had planned to document more restorations on there but mainly just do that through Instagram/Facebook now.. https://www.instagram.com/pelly_22/
1. OsirusANZ
2. Northside brisbane (QLD)
3. I’m still learning myself aswell but I Have a Ute and can lift heavy shit lol
4. Not really after anything at this time got plans for other things.
5. I don’t got no social media/not allowed lol
1. Username - sneek
2. Location (State) - Sydney, NSW
3. Services you can offer other members (repairs, sales, etc.) - Have offered many services over the years from phoenixing CPS2 right through to cabinet pcb repairs. Recent offerings are on the website.
4. Things you're looking for - Nothing right now, but always on the look out for rare capcom gear. Any one that can help with locating Final Fight or Captain Commando CPSChanger board will be nicely rewarded :)
5. Social Media / Website links - sneeknet.io, YouTube, Twitter
Pardon my noobness.. but what the hell is a CPSChanger board?
They're not cheap, I think the going rate just for the starter set (CPS Changer, stick and SF2 Turbo) is $5000+ these days

I don't even want to imagine what the more rare games are worth (they're all super rare but some moreso) - Captain Commando and Final Fight would probably be on the more rare side, particularly CC I'd guess.