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@MRTCPS2 -- I believe UniBios 4.0 is released to the public for private use for free?

I think @xodaraP can help you out with one, I know he has those chips...
@MRTCPS2 -- I believe UniBios 4.0 is released to the public for private use for free?

I think @xodaraP can help you out with one, I know he has those chips...
Yeah I believe so, quickly checked before and it isn't sold on the website anymore so I figured Id ask here :)
Don't have the tools necessary to write chips myself
Candy Cab Club: Black Friday 2021 Deal!

CPS-2: Champion Edition Multi: Deluxe Kit: $799 + Postage

This kit includes the Standard Multi + the following items:

1 x Confirmed compatible blank 8GB SD Card
1 x 1-Meter (100cm) Long LCD Extension Cable
1 x 3D Printed LCD Selector Case (Blue, Grey, White or Green)
1 x High Quality Vinyl Laminate CPS-2 Multi Sticker
1 x Machine Crimped JST-to-JST Key Writing Cable

Usually $849 AUD, so it's a $50 AUD Saving.

Deal available to Australian and New Zealand A-P members only until November 30th.

To order or reserve one, just drop me a PM, it won't be available to the public via the website.
Exhausted most of my stock of MiSTercade for forum members who have been in touch and I won’t be putting anymore aside.

The remaining few units will be up on CandyCabClub.com when I receive them. I’ll post here when they’re up.
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Grabbed two MS9 29" on the weekend for very good price. Both are in good condition, don't see these going around much nowadays.
Nice! Any burn in?

Where did you manage to find those? I'm personally starting to see the value of having spares :D

Everyone who ordered MiSTercades off me on the forum or site, they came a day early and are going out tomorrow arvo.

I have these 7 units left for anyone else interested (drop me a PM).

Free shipping for this if you grab a multi (my CPS-2 Black Friday deal is still good until tomorrow 11:59pm Brissy time).
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Posted on AA already but double checking here - would any of you have the following consoles/items you are looking to rehome;

Sega DC (Japanese)
Sega HSS-0130 (dual Saturn controller)
Sega 32X
NEC Core Grafx
Have you considered getting them directly from Japan on YAJ? Not sure about the 32X but everything else on your list would be quite a bit cheaper even with shipping as long as you’re happy to wait for sea freight

I got my boxed Japanese DC with extra controllers, a bunch of VMUs and rumble packs for around $100 or so delivered
Yeah, I'm at the point where if I wanted something Japan hardware specific. It usually cheaper from Japan for the item itself and if you can get it shipped via sea, it turns out to be pretty darn cheap in the end.
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I recently bought a GameCube, I want one to play a couple of games and to do some modding with. The cheapest I could find locally were more than when they were new for PAL consoles and Japanese consoles weren’t that much cheaper.

I picked up a boxed Japanese console with controller for $65 shipped via sea freight.