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@meybarra could you please check if other two CSync modes work?

I'm sending my v3.0 HAS to @danringer to troubleshoot his BVM. I have a later 3.x HAS I'll use to test more with my BVM. My guess is that either my BVM is an oddity, allowing the sync to work, or else my 127W NTSC input card somehow "fixed" the sync issues on my BVM.
So updates:

I received @meybarra 's v3 HAS today and it works perfectly with my BVM. No changes, exactly the way he sent it:

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 9.34.09 PM.jpg

I also grabbed an Extron RGB 201 Rxi. using the HD15 out straight cable to 201 in, and 4x BNC RGBS to 129X. The only setting that gets any picture is Serration Pulses. With all the DIP switches off but SERR I can get an accurate picture on the BVM, however dim. The level/boost knob brightens it up to normal. After a few minutes, the BVM blips or clips out every few seconds and seems to happen more as I play through a round of 3rd strike.
I can't tell if it starts as it warms up or if the signal is bleeding through and losing sync from time to time. It looks like the crt is powering down and back on in a split second, picture stays in sync, but it is unusable in this fashion.

Focusing on the v3 working and the v4.2 not, seems like the right way to continue.
is there a v3 instruction manual available so I can see what the jumpers do in this configuration?
and do you have any ideas what may be happening with the sync circuit from v4.2? If you identify an issue, I don't see an easy way to rewrite the firmware on the atmega. I could pop it out and breadboard it I guess. A little ahead of myself, I guess.

thank you to everyone for helping,

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 9.06.48 PM.jpg
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This is interesting. I've just PMed you, I might have a solution :)
Ok, this is interesting...I pulled out my newer HAS v3.2 with a 2018 HD-15 adapter connected to my BVM. With the CSync switch set to Regenerated, my CPS2 displayed just fine. However, with the CSync switch set to Buffered, the image wouldn't sync correctly. Only the bottom half of the image was visible with bad flagging.

Anyways, this isn't a problem since Regenerated CSync works fine. I'm sure @danringer will report back with his results using my old v3.0 HAS.
We did some testing with @danringer and unfortunately we couldn't get it to work with the newer HAS. It works with the V3.0 supplied by meybarra, so I'll hook him up with a custom EL1883 based adapter (the same circuit that was used in the V3.0).
Well, considering I'm looking to get the exact same BVM and also the new HAS 5.0, were you able to ID the problem to see if the new HAS will also have it?
The EL1883 is an obsolete part and the other sync separators doesn't seem to work. The V5.0 uses a different buffer (no regeneration this time), so there's hope it works. No promises, though.

I want to gamble and buy some EL1883 from resellers to build some external adapters for this specific BVM setup. I say gamble, because these may very well turn out to be counterfeit parts :/
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