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Wasn’t there talk about someone making a Varth-style repro case for this?
That was before the CPS1.5 styled IO PCB.

Far left...

Now I'd imagine it needs a repo case like a 1.5.
Finally the time has come and preorders are going to open in a few hours from the 3 official distributors: HighScore Saves, Save Your Games and Candy Cab Club !!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
People from USA/Canada, you need to order from HSS. People from Europe will need to order from Aldo / Saveyourgames and people of AU/NZ from Candy Cab Club, people from remaining zones can order from wherever they want.

First, only people with a number in the list from 250 or lower will be able to order. Please specify your number on the interest check thread as this will be checked. For now, preorders are limited to 1 multi per person. If someone tries to order from more than one place, he'll lose his spot on the queue. When those 250 are exhausted and we see how many have actually ordered, 2 weeks later we will open preorders for the next 100-150 users, we will see.
Kits will have either the Qsound or the FPGA version, both work 100% the same and it would be complicated to let pickup one, so they will be shipped randomly.

Now go and hit F5 on the website of your distributor....they will open pre-orders in the next hours!!!!!
People from Japan where they should order ?
I thought you didn’t want to sell in other country
I don’t. Just Australia & New Zealand.

I was saying that I am willing to help out and absorb the Asian wait list if needed. Postage rates are generally reasonable between Australia and Asia.

But to answer your question, just go ahead and order from Saveyourgames.it or highscoresaves.com with your place in line.
For mine:
#164 on interest thread list
Order number on highscoresave: 41122

Looking forward to it. I first saw Ghouls n Ghosts arcade machine on a ski trip for our elementary school class, and Final Fight at the local pizza and ice cream parlor that same year.

Could someone point a link to the difference in the QSound or FPGA assembly that @Darksoft mentioned in the boards?
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They both function exactly the same. One is a old chip. The other is a recreation of that chip on a FPGA. Zero difference.

I have a feeling this question will be asked over and over again, @Darksoft can you edit the main multi posts with further clarity?
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Has anyone checked to see if the multi will fit in a OEM CPS 1.5 case? Might be a temp solution for some while other cases are being designed, or could be cool if the original shell can be reproduced

Really excited for this kit and looking forward to all the cool stuff that will come of it!