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If he doesn’t get back to you @djsheep might have some still check him out
+1 Djsheeps fine product is Awesome - also quite hard to get anywhere else on the internet. This is one I bought from him and stuck on the other day. Stock is quality vinyl, Label is glossy, colors are rich and deep. Sweet!


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Are you selling the CPS3 Multi Bios Label for the cart

Sorry, been offline for a very long time and haven't seen your post, let me know if you are still looking and I will check what I still have.

Stock is running low :)
I'd also be interested in a set of F3 labels. Shot you a message.
Only 2 pcs CPS3 multi left and some MVS Marquees, get them while they're hot :D
Is the cps3 ultra bios sticker still available? And does it fit an original Cart?
Yes, the one pictured is this available and has the same dimensions as the original cart label
Hey @PascalP are you still doing labels? Any thoughts on make a new one for the CPS1 and giving/selling/trading the files for @JasenHicks to use on his new CPS1 case (like his CPS2 case)?

I'm not speaking for him, but I bet the two of you could work out something for this in trade/use?

I think a new image with all of the cool characters from CPS1 would look great on his new case!