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Jul 6, 2016
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Vancouver BC Canada
Edit 2:
I am offer the following for refund. Pm with your name along with refund in the subject. In the body add your PayPal. Sorry I don't have time to go through my history trying to match user and their PayPal. I should have kept track of that from the start.
Chassis = 160 this should cover repair if flyback is ok
Psu (E2) = 70 this should cover for generic psu and the adapter harness

waitlist - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1dbB8w3eG6KdprW5lqLnmt-wwRul-_3CZ1hUZUiAfuws
Ok guys here are the counts and pricing is in USD. Shipping to you is extra. Price is only to get into country. There is a load going to each east coast. This is only a wait list. Once cabs get to my guy warehouse more picture will be taken and uploaded to the drive. At which point I will go down the list and ask for the deposit. You have 24H else it move to next person on that list.
1 cab per person except for a few people. They know who they are.

My original E2 list will have priority. If you do not want an E2 you can move to one of the others. Your priority will transfer over to that list. To be on the new lists, all interested parties need to pm me your top 3 cabs. I will go down longest to shortest list. Once you get a cab your name is remove from all other list. Those who did not get a cab from their top pick move to their 2nd pick list below the other top pick. This will go on until all cabs are accounted for. A few people will be floating as I am not sure how many can fit in container. For those that are confuse below is an example. This will be posted on Arcade Projects and CGCC. Please pm to only one site I will use timestamp for order.

Person A want cab E2, Windy and NNC
Person B want Windy, E2, Q25
Person C want just E2

E2 has the longest list follow by windy then Q25. All E2 are taken (deposit has been paid). Person A move to windy list below the last person on the windy list. Person C is out all together. Now depending on how long this list is person A may not get a windy. At this point person A move to the NNC list below the other people who has sNNC as cab 1 and 2. Does that make sense?

E2 x9 @ 1200 per
Windy x9 @ 1100 per
Q25 x1 project @ 900 per
NNC x20 @ 1100 per

E2 x15 @ 1100 per
Windy x9 @ 1000 per
Q25 x2 +1* +2 project @ 800 per project cab is same price
  • x4 Q25 have joystick. 3 of which work. 1* is broken
  • x8 Q25 are projects. Button cp, does not have jamma harness.
  • Only 6 was at 1st warehouse confirm to have nech.
NNC x10 @ 1000 per
  • All NNC look mint, see pics. Some of the top light does not work. Bad bulb or starter?

The Q25 and NNC are interchangeable. The amount of NNC will be determine by what fit. 40 cab is just an estimate.



This look like this is going to be bust. Going through so many people I had in accurate information. I'm still going to work on a deal for the used E2s if they look decent enough.

I joke about this early when I was looking for information on this cab. I have located a handfull of these (25). A couple of my friends and I are picking up 5 and I was just wondering if anyone else is interested. I'm the 3rd person in this deal so pricing will be close to retail. I'm still working on final pricing and detail pics. It's slow getting info/pics as i have to go through 2 other people. I was told thay these are new as they over bought and never got put on location. My guess is low use. Only other issue is I'm located up in Canada so you will have to figure out shipping or come up to Vancouver/Surrey to pick it up

Pricing - I'm guessing 1200-1600 USD per unit. Expect the high end so you dont get disappoint. I'll do my best to work out a deal. Pricing will be slightly above my cost, so I can get a free cab :) Once I get better pictures it will be posted here.

Timing - Exspect end of the year. Looking at the interest I'm most likely doing a container load. Its like 1-2 month once it is on the boat?

Deposit - I'm not taking any until it's in my possession. I don't want to deal with refunds or emergency. I'm working with my contact on a payment plan. Being end of the year In sure people will need funds for Xmas.

Shipping - I will not be doing any shipping. I just don't have the time for it. The buyer is responsible to crating/warping and delivery. I can meet up with the driver and help a little
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Holy crap … I am waaaaay south of you. Downside is not with the new trade tariffs with Canada it's gonna cost a ton to ship anything larger than a smaller sized moving box.

But the guys in the northern states are probably going to be all over this!
WOW!!!!! Im interested depending on price. I’d love to get one of those egrets please ;)
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Egret 2, pssh. I see a GrandAm 25 and bunch of Cyber Leads!
Egret 2, pssh. I see a GrandAm 25 and bunch of Cyber Leads!
That show my ignorance. No idea what those are. If interested let me know. I would say most of the cab is in poor/ok condition as these would have came out of an active arcade. I was only interested in the Egrets because he mention "new condition"

If they are actually new and @Derick2k is gonna get some to NY, I could see splitting freight and getting one to Boston for me. Any idea if STI do imports from Canada?
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Damn that’s insane. I would love an egret 2 but I’m sure shipping would be insane to where I am at
Egret 2, pssh. I see a GrandAm 25 and bunch of Cyber Leads!
That show my ignorance. No idea what those are. If interested let me know. I would say most of the cab is in poor/ok condition as these would have came out of an active arcade. I was only interested in the Egrets because he mention "new condition"
The GrandAm is highly sought after I think.
If they are "new" I suggest we find out the price and everyone that is in the USA, we can do a group buy or something then contact STI and get a heavy shipping discount and have them delivered separately to our doors.
@rewrite I think you were looking for a GrandAm
I absolutely am. Last on my list of cabs I feel I have to hunt down.

Depending on price I could be interested in both an E2 and a Grand Am if at all possible.
Can you PLEASE hold 1 for me? I am based in Toronto but at the moment out of the country, I can pay you advance, I would take the delivery in December. I am very keen.

Edit: Just one is good...
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At the speed communication going I'm hoping to receive them by end of year. I need better pictures before I can commit. Took me 3 week just to get these
Interested in an Egret 2 though shipping will probably be insane.
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I would take one E2, assuming the condition is as described.

I am also in Boston area so would be down to split shipping with other members, enough people we could prob make it reasonable.
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