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Next Revision is complete.
Assembled using the metal clips from security dongle.
Before assembly I used countersink on the back side so the flathead screws will sit flush with the back.
If i get more time, I will add the countersink to the design

I used:
3pc M3x25 flathead screws (do not install screw in hole closest to ribbon cable at the top)
2pc M3x5 socket head screw to hold clips
5pc M3 nyloc nuts.
Latest (final?) revision is on the printer now.
Added vent holes, text and vent slots.
Once I get this one fitted up, I will confirm and post STL for anyone who would like to print their own.

I am confident the design will work, here is the model for anyone interested.

Please dont sell or post on Thingiverse, personal use only.
I can print and ship for $25 if you dont have a printer.


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Are this "kit" stil for sale?
I've been so lucky I have found a DECO cabinet with all it's innards, and got directed here by a fellow collector (Thanks Olly!)


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