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Right now, you can grab it from Saveyourgames. When a new batch is ready they will also have them.
Saveyourgames shows Multi-MVS carts out of stock and Highscoresaves shows a picture of the MVS but lists it as the AES.

Now that I am thoroughly confused (Not a hard thing to do), where can I buy the Multi-MVS for my arcade machine? :)

It sounds like saveyourgames will have them at some point but will highscoresaves also be carrying them and when can we expect them in stock?

Thank you for all you do. I own every darksoft kit except this one.
Did you email Highscoresaves? He may have some coming soon. Pre order it if he does.
Yeah I emailed him. He doesn't have the right thing on his website so I don't know if I am ordering the ACS or the MVS. It's confusing.
Right now on his site it's for the AES version pre-order that he should have later this month.
Thanks to this conversation, I realized that that I preordered the AES instead of the MVS on High Score Saves a couple of weeks ago, and I don’t even own an AES X(
You are mixing up high score saves and saveyourgames, Pablo.
Yep, the thing is that this item is mixed on HSS site, picture is from MVS, price and description are from MVS as well. He will open a AES presales hopefully soon, but that product definitely is MVS, not AES.
Contacted HSS about the mistake and got refunded. Now to wait for another opportunity to get the MVS Kit :) Thanks!
Seems like no one has the MVS in stock (of course because I just finished my NeoGeo lol).

Any word when anyone will have it in stock?

Next project? Installing the Darksoft Decco Tape system! Should be interesting :)
hello when the sale of the multimvs opens. Do you have to send an email to preorder?
I am currently in debt repayment mode...and I can't purchase anything arcade for a while...so will both this and the AES version will be getting regular restocks for awhile? I don't want to miss out on adding more Darksoft to my home arcade.