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Jun 12, 2015
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You can get your Multi MVS from either one of these two distributors:


Darksoft's Multi-MVS Features

This cartridge is designed to run any Neo-Geo game be it existing, homebrew or even games you may want to develop.
It doesn't support any of the NGDEV games and it won't support it in the future as a explicit request of NGDEV team.

The cartridge has the following features:

* Compatible with every existing NeoGeo game, homebrew or your own developed Neo-Geo software.
* Offers 3 simultaneous virtual slots. YES, this cart converts each slot of your MVS pcbs into additional 3 slots to load more MVS games!
* Each slot offers 768 Mbits of memory, enough to hold the largest officially released game.
* MicroSD slot to add new games or software at any time. Supports FAT32 with long file names.
* Runs unpatched original ROMS.
* Includes the coolest menu that we could think of, with several navigating modes and amazing tunes.
* Menu is flexible and continuosly being supported.
* Includes support for saving soft dipswitches for each game.
* Includes support for saving High Scores for each game.
* Switch Regions without the need for a bootleg BIOS.
* Easy call back of menu at any time during game play with a joystick+button combination.
* Easy slot change at any time during gameplay with a joystick+buttons combination.
* 8 layer state-of-the-art PCB with Altera Cyclone IV, DDR memory, Flash memory and ARM processor.
* Low power, high density design. Cart weighs less and consumes less power than an original cartridge.
* Updateable firmware and menu by just adding new files into the microSD.
* DDR technology allows to load the largest game in less than 18 secs as compared to 4 minutes of flash technology.
* Only available with a plastic shell for proper protection and storage.
* Includes carton box and labels as a homage to the original MVS cartridge sets.
* Continuous support and improvements. Many more features coming soon.
* An outstanding track record of all of Darksoft's multi-game products!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE MULTIMVS http://www.mediafire.com/file/2lpkr64d7a5ltyl/Neogeo_Instructions_v2.0.pdf/file

Just ordered and inserted my username an dthe ate of my post in the preorder interest thread on the comment field, I hope that I didn't any mistake :)
Ordered and paid, inserted the link to my interest check post and mentioned the date and username. Super excited! Thank you.
So glad I got in on the ground floor with the pre order thread (page 2!)

Officially paid and looking forward to a very happy new year.
Awesome work Darksoft... been looking forward to this one for a while now!!

Preordered, paid and left all my details in the comments. :D
Ordered, also if i don't have the mvs :) :)
Page 23 of the preorder thread!
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Same here, I selected ‘NO’ for the card, but it was added anyway.
Would need a SD card anyway, so went ahead with the order.

I assume premium cards are delivered? Samsung or Sandisk?
First batch of 100 units. When you buy yours, please give your username and date when you posted your interest in the forum in order to have prioirity in the preorder.
I'm well past 100 in the interest thread. will you be doing a second batch as soon as the first one is finished/ should I be waiting to place my pre-order until after the first batch is done?
Just ordered and entered my user name in the comments box. Interest was declared on page 7 August 23rd 2016.

Looking forward to doing a youtube video on this one.
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Ok a little difficult to do on my phone with it not being in English, later on a computer. Great work!
Though, forgot to enter my handle+date.
But already confirmed interest 2nd August 2015 (here)

@Darksoft please let me know if I need to share this info elsewhere on the ordering website.
Ordered mine

Date I posted interest: Aug 21 2016 (near bottom of first page) - Added to comments on order

Thanks very much, looking forward to it!
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