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Jan 27, 2016
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I've got one of the Arcadia System System boards, Leaderboard Golf in my case and I was wonder if anyone has any suggestions for getting around the protection scheme so as to convert cards. For those unfamiliar it is a arcade game system built around an Amiga 400 (or 500?) computer motherboard, used ROM cards and came in two versions, one which would play only one installed game at a time (the one I have) and another which held up to 10 ROM cards and could select between them. I've heard people write that the protection scheme is "pathetic", the ROM sets are divided into "high and low" and if I understand what I read in the MAME driver only the low ROMs are encrypted. It seems to me I've heard MAME can be used to un-encrypt ROMs but I haven't been able to find anything on if/how to do it.

It's an EXTREMELY rare board system and I've seen only a few around, one guy on KLOV wants a Roadwars game badly for nostalgia's sake, another has a partially populated 10 game one which most of the games are just the sucky ones and personally I'd love to convert my Leaderboard to either Aaargh, Side Winder, Delta Command or Xenon, I've made a clean scan of my ROM cards foil pattern and might be tempted to try to make copies if getting them to work without the protection PAL can be done.

Given its rarity and lack of demand I'm not expecting much here but I thought I'd poke around and see if anyone has any ideas.

And in case somebody wants a copy of the foil pattern scans I posted them here: