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Jul 21, 2015
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I've got a Bunch of Console ODEs that I had purchased for designing 3D printed mounts. More than I can use, All of these have never even been powered on, just used for measurements and then stored in a box.

these are all priced at half of what their retail prices would be.
Pictures here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/MJ5zJS5nSNmAiEUT6

Fenrir for Saturn 21 pin + 3D Printed tray (black) - $80
Fenrir for Saturn 20 pin + 3D Printed tray (black) - $80

Dreamcast Green Translucent Controller - $35
Dreamcast Green Translucent VMU - $35
Dreamcast White with Blue Logo Controller - $15
Dreamcast Clear Purple Shell - (has some weird lines in it like a cable melted slightly into the case) - Free + Shipping
Mayflash Sega Saturn to PC (USB) Controller Adapter - New in the Box (these are going for $50+ on ebay right now for some reason, that's dumb) - $15

RF Adapters Free + Shipping
PS1 RF Adapter Official Sony SCPH-10071
Sega Genesis RF Adapter Official Sega MK-1632
Sega Saturn RF Adapter "Performance" brand
Sega Dreamcast RF Adapter "Performance" brand

GC Loader PNP V0.7 HW1 - Bare PCB but Still in sealed Anti-Static Bag I will also throw in one of my 3D Printed Trays in Black- $80 SOLD
MODE Rev D - Bare PCB (no box) - $120 SOLD
MODE PSX Kit+3D Printed Mount (gray) - (does not include a MODE) includes plastic shield, power harness, Quick Solder Board, Ribbon Cable, and 3d printed Mount Kit - $25 SOLD
Dolphiend (aka "Wasp Custom") for GameCube - $75 SOLD
Playstation 1 SCPH-5501 - Console only, no accessories - Tested fully working - $15 SOLD
GameCube DOL-001 Indego - Console only, no accessories - Boots but wont read discs - $15 SOLD
Dreamcast VA0 NTSC-U - Console only, no accessories - Boots but wont spin up disc - $15 SOLD
MODE Rev E - Bare PCB (no box) - $130 SOLD
Dreamcast VA0 NTSC-J - Console only, no accessories - Boots and spins up discs but wont read discs, plastic is yellowed - $15 SOLD
Dreamcast VA1 NTSC-U - Console only, no accessories - Wont power on - $15 SOLD
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