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I am aware of the XKUtils problems, but XKUtils is open source and used by many other tools that float around on the internet. (Like configmagic for xbox itself) I know I studied the sources and I probably fixed that bug. (It has been a while) I also know I added a fourth chihiro eeprom type and it detected one of my eeproms as chihiro just fine. I Haven't tested the one proposed here yet.

It's also unknown what information of the eeprom is relevant for the chihiro. The hdd unlock key without a harddrive? The network setup when the main board utp port isn't used? The video settings need to be ntsc, that's one I know. The encrypted part likely needs to be correctly encrypted as the kernel might panic if it isn't.
How did you manage to convert an Xbox motherboard to an Chihiro one.
Did you use the files in rar archive of the first post to flash TSOP and I2C ?

Could you explain your procedure ?
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Hey all, Can you flash the motherboard with Chihiro BIOS etc but test in xbox case? I have a spare 128mb xbox v1.0 board I want to setup as a spare without having to take my Chihiros apart.
chihiro bios doesn't boot without dimm board. The dimm board contains a 2MB flash chip that contains the dashboard. Without it, you get no video output. You can compare it with the xbox dashboard code. There is also an issue with the AVIP detection. The chihiro has all the id bit's tied to gnd (it's done with the 3 last filter board dipswitches) On xbox bios, this is RGB scart. On chihiro bios it's VGA
I succes to boot Chihiro type 3 with RGB Scart XBOX cable without AVIP. I use OSSC in 480p passtrough on my LCD.
That's normal. The scart cable has all id bits tied to gnd, so the chihiro bios sees it as vga. It will output the 3 color signals on the scart RGB wires with sync on green.
I doubt many tv's will accept a 640 x 480 x 60Hz video signal.
The avip cable passes the video signals to the base board. that buffers the color signals and extract the composite sync from the green color signal.
It's likely what your oscc does as well.
It might also work with a component cable. The chihiro supports some component video modes but I doubt there are games that use it.
Besides that, the dashboard might show a wrong video error.
My point is that the chihiro bios does not output the same video signal as an xbox bios does when the video cable is detected as scart RGB.
Hi everyone i know that outrun 2 on the chihiro run on 512mb of ram and here the "chihiro" would only be 128mb is it possible to change the ram to get higher amount of ram ?
That's a differnt type of ram. The 128Mb are for one of the PCBs in the chihiro which is the motherboard. The other 512Mb are to store the game on the DIMM PCB. Two different things.

As many of you have noticed, then main reason why a Chihiro goes broken, are those damned fans over the heatsink on the GFX chip. previous versions had just a bigger heatsink that was enough to do the job.

As a result, the GFX chip breaks and you end up with a brick.

In order to fix your Chihiro, you can take a specific model of Xbox and modify it to work as a Chihiro PCB.

to convert a xbox mobo into a chihiro motherbase, you need to double the amount of ram memory that the xbox has. For that, you need to buy 4 of these:

See here for more info on the process:
If you are not an expert, I recommend that you ask @irepairsega who is an expert on this and knows how to do the job for a reasonable fee.

About the Xbox to be converted, check here:

You can only convert XBOX that have the chip Coneixant on the video Output and Bridge MCPX X3.
Those are the ones which have 1.3 or older. You can know the revision just by the serial number.

If serial number is 32 or smaller, you are good.

Once you have the right motherboard and the extra ram installed, you just need replace the 24C02 and the 29F080.

The 29F080 is the same always. The 24C02, you may want to change as that file specifies the MAC address the the motherboard will have.

Il collegamento include 2 diversi file 24C02 in modo da poter vedere cosa cambia. Il CRC viene calcolato allo stesso modo del Chihiro, nel caso tu voglia cambiarlo. Vedi qui come calcolarlo: http://xboxdevwiki.net/EEPROM

Ho sentito che quei 2 ricordi possono essere aggiornati come in Xbox senza dissaldare. Non ho mai provato però. Guarda qui un piccolo tutorial in spagnolo sulla modifica del contenuto senza dissaldare:


Permettetemi di insistere ancora su questo. Il processo è complicato, quindi non farlo da solo a meno che tu non sappia cosa stai facendo. Ti consiglio vivamente di contattare @irepairsega per ottenerne uno.

i have a chihiro that has a black screen no video signal can i remove the ram from there and put it on the xbox to convert?
possibly I can only marry the eprom and put them on the Xbox motherboard?
Let's say I had a 128mb ram & tsop flashed modded Xbox land in my lap. Could someone eli5 what I would need to do to convert this?
I already have 2 type 3 chihiro with bad mainboards.