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It's happening, boys. InfiniKey-CPS1 will handle C-board (C.P.S.-B-21 chip) encryption key writing.

CPS1 games that only have encrypted C-board:

*Capcom World 2 [TESTED]
Captain Commando [TESTED]
King of Dragons
Knights of the Round [TESTED]
Quiz & Dragons [TESTED]
Three Wonders [TESTED]
*Varth [TESTED]

*Light gray plastic cases do not have enough room for InfiniKey CPS1



Q-Sound games from that era (aka CPS Dash, CPS 1.5) that have both C and B-board encryption (yes, double suicide action):

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs [TESTED]
Muscle Bomber / Saturday Night Slam [TESTED] Masters [TESTED]
Muscle Bomber Duo
Punisher [TESTED]
Tenchi wo Kurau II / Warriors of Fate [TESTED]

These will use the "Q-Type" version (more compact so it will fit inside case, but lacks keyed connectors on top so requires more care in installation)



Do you have any more infinikey
I knew there was a reason I got these! My batteries were replaced in 2017, so I thought i might have a couple more years left.

3365ea26-d687-4b3c-8f31-f14f12d85bed.jpg 1ef60df3-9de9-4507-9692-bd476a62c960.jpg
ccb33044-358e-4a57-abe5-42f2093490e8.jpg c89601a6-7ef6-4eca-9233-d08804b686f4.jpg

Thanks @undamned, worked like a charm. :thumbup: Now I just need to decide whether to get a couple more batteries, or leave it as.

Hopefully there'll be more stock of these in due course for those that are after them.
I've decided to make a mechanical change to the design of the CPS1-Q type PCB to greatly improve DFM (design for manufacutability). Original design required hand modifying connectors and other wonkiness.

I don't have them available, but just know that things are in fact moving :)

Hi undamned,

Do you have an estimate of when the next batch will be?
It would be really great if you could make one again!

Thank you for your work. 😎
Just got a king if dragons and tried adjusting the monitor for an hour before leaning about this effect (total newb here). Any chance anyone has one of these for sale? I'm on the notify list on paradise already.


P.s. I love your usb to db15 converter!
Someone is picking up the torch where this left off:


I think it's for the best. I hope Undamned is doing well, but if he's stepped away (Last seen Dec 3, 2021) there's a need still for this stuff to keep games alive.
That's cool and an open source version is a great way to go for sure!

I'm in desperate need of the CPS 1.5 kits though and that's so niche I'm worried it maybe too small of a job to re-create.
Ugh! So annoyed I missed out on this! I have several CPS-I games in need of reviving. This would have been so much easier than the arduno method.