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While we wait for this awesome multi I sure would prefer to play something other than major title 2.
Is apocalypse still around as far as the sound roms go?
I am coming up empty on search for a how to for a conversion.
As a feature request, or as perhaps an optional add on board, an idea that would be cool would be banked memory for saving high scores.
Since the major title 2 board already had a slot for it, albeit it only works for one at a time, and patches exist already.
You guys know none of these multi releases go smoothly. One day I had a fully working multi the next day it wouldn't boot any games. So it's on the way to Apoc to tell me why.

My original donor I bought years ago would not boot certain games. I was given another pcb to use and it worked 100%. So some issue on the original donor was causing some games to not boot. I sent that pcb to Apoc also. I'm sure he will find the reason and it will be good knowledge for when the multi starts shipping.