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So I attempted to convert my Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II (v1.0) to P-47 Aces... This required socketing all of the 42-pin ICs.

I had assumed this would work with ROMs from MAME since the security chips use the same SS92048-01 protection chip...

unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. The game displays garbage on screen and there's a repetitive buzzing sound like the system is constantly rebooting. I've checked, and it's definitely not playing blind.

I've re-dumped and verified all of the program ROMs are correct (I haven't done the graphics ROMs yet ). I also looked over Derick2k's photos for P-47 Aces and I don't see any differences in jumpers or resistor or caps or anything.

putting the original Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai ROMs back in the board works perfectly so I know my sockets are good.
So recently the Mega System 32 came up in some discussions and I decided to dust off this conversion and look at it again with fresh eyes.

I confirmed it worked in MAME, then I literally dumped all of the ROMs that I burned and ran the dumps in MAME as suchie2 hardware and it worked perfectly. I re-burned the program ROMs with fresh, original, 27c040 EPROMs and still it did not work.

Then I took a closer look at the original program ROMs used by suchie2 they're 100ns EPROMS and I was using 120ns EPROMs. I didn't have any 100ns 040s but I did have some 100ns 080s, so I doubled all of the program ROMs and burned them to my 100ns 080s.. and volia... it boots and plays perfectly.

So to anyone attempting conversions (or a future multi on this system) the program ROMs MUST be 100ns or faster :D

all of the audio and graphics ROMs are 120ns and seem to be fine (indeed even the original audio program ROM is 150ns)
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For a multi there are two possibilities:
- reproduce the encryption chip, which should be possible, the algorithm being in MAME. On top of that it should support reconfiguration depending of the encryption values/"keys".
- run decrypted ROMs (BG and TX) and bypass the encryption chip completely

I've started to pinout the two connectors of the small daughterboard of the encryption chip (some games have it on a daughterboard, for other games it's soldered to the romboard):



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Grabbed in this morning this game . Praying to be 100% working condition and to put Aces on it ! :happy:
@twistedsymphony ... received with case cracked , but the romboard looks good , only a bend pin from an eeprom was noticed . anyway , i dumped all socketed eeproms (32 pins ones , the bigger ones are soldered) and compared with mame . chips are good . I tried this on motherboard that comed with Tetris Plus cart (tetris is working perfectly) . Any ideea why does that way ?

View: https://youtube.com/shorts/LRY4kGUoOXc?feature=share


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Pretty sure you need the additional daughterboard for the game to boot.

Remember to apply @trap15's rom fix when you burn your P-47 set:

P:47 set is prepared from last year (almost 1 year took in transit for this donor using JP post surface services 8|) … only thing is to burn the eeproms now :happy: Thank you brothers !
I did P47 Aces conversion ! (start yesterday - finished this night)

Many thanks to brother @twistedsymphony for findings and testings ! God bless you brother and your family too !
Many thanks to @Derick2k for amazing pictures !

Removed 12 chips with 42 pins + cleared 588 traced holes , installed so far 14 x 42 pins sockets , soldered on the board :happy:
This is Jaleco Mega System 32 (Conversion to P:47 Aces)

ps : if someone knows how to activate the demo sounds , will be great to try it (i changed the 4 pin on dip switch bank 1 but even if in test menu said is ON , in game is not)

Find out the settings for arttract mode sounds + FBI message (dip switch bank 3 related)








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Hello buddies, i'd like to convert my TETRIS to P47. Do you think it's possible ?
Hello buddies, i'd like to convert my TETRIS to P47. Do you think it's possible ?
I also have Tetris Plus and so far i don't know if is possible to use the P:47 set on Tetris Plus romboard [maybe only if are some patches (see with Apo if he did these files) files who can be used on romboards with this custom "ss92046_01"] .

@twistedsymphony mentioned the games you can use on Tetris Plus (he did the conversion from Angel Kiss (ss92047_01) to Tetris Plus (ss92046_01) with patched files from Apocalypse .
Maybe Apo did patched files for P:47 (ss92048_01) to be used on Tetris Plus (ss92046_01) romboard

So far we know these (Tetris & P:47) romboards use different custom ic's .

--ss92046_01 Protection Chip
1994, bbbxing, "Best Bout Boxing (ver 1.3)"
1994, hayaosi2, "Hayaoshi Quiz Grand Champion Taikai"
1994, hayaosi3, "Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou (ver 1.5)"
1994, hayaosi3a, "Hayaoshi Quiz Nettou Namahousou (ver 1.2)"
1995, tetrisp, "Tetris Plus (ver 1.0)"
1996, wpksocv2, "World PK Soccer V2 (ver 1.1)"
1997, bnstars, "Vs. Janshi Brandnew Stars (Ver 1.1, MegaSystem32 Version)"

for P:47 you need romboards from one of these titles

--ss92048_01 Protection Chip
1995, p47aces, "P-47 Aces"
1994, suchie2, "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II (ver 1.1)"
1994, suchie2o, "Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai II (ver 1.0)"
Correct. for a simple rom-swap conversion you need a donor cart with a matching protection chip from my lists.
if you don't have a donor cart with a matching security chip then you would need to patch the security on the game for the chip of your donor cart. Apoc did this but his work is not public, so you would be on your own to crack and reverse the security.