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It did not. I didn't have anything like that in my cabinets and there was a fella that volunteered and went ghost.

I borrow a *ton* of parts. The shortest- probably a day. The longest- I think I had a bracket for about 4 months or so as there were questions about 1:1 fitment with customers cabs that required a little trial and error. Typically- I like to have stuff in and out as fast as possible. I'd imagine if it's a simple part it would be closer to the fast times.

Thanks dude!
I managed to get a PCB bracket from Yaton. So while I don’t need a repro right now, I could lend one for a worthy cause. How much interest would you need to bother with a repro?
Every time I see this thread, my eyes jump right to Aero Table, light up, and then I get to 'parts' and I'm sad again.
Hey , can I buy an Egret 29 top marquee ? The piece where the game instructions goes

Jaleco Table Pony Mk2/Mk3 Ash tray holders. $165 plus shipping. Highly accurate replica with a slightly better bearing fit than stock. Comes with all necessary hardware. (chromed plated)
Jaleco Pony Mk3-25 Marquee box flat piece replica. This is the mounting portion for the box. Bare metal. $65 plus ship.
Jaleco Pony Mk3-25 Monitor bracket (oem replica). Made to order.
Jaleco Pony mk3-25 full marquee box replica or OEM ($ inquire- made to order)
Jaleco Pony mk3-25 PCB door (refurbished)
Jaleco Pony Mk3-25 under control panel door (refurbished)

Jaleco Table Pony VH Control Panel Overlay (Type 1 and Type 2). $50 ea (new replica)

Jaleco Table Pony H and VH refurbished Control Panels. $xxx (Price tbd). Some are populated, some are not.

Sammy Tosh Control panel. Decent shape, populated. OEM. $400 SOLD

Aero Table Control Panel Box replica. Painted. These have the hinge and everything as well. SOLD OUT.
OEM Astro City PCB // Main Door $250
Aero Table Marquee holder replica (no plastic). $550 each (chrome, 1:1, time intensive). SOLD OUT
Sega Swing White Plastic Surround Replica (with 4 screws/nuts). This is the topper/marquee protector. TEMP SOLD OUT- more stock being produced
Aero Table Coin Box duplicate door (powder coated). $145 shipped each SOLD OUT
Aero Table Coin Box replica last one- $120 shipped

Astro City NVS 4000 Mounting Metal Bracket (2 piece). SOLD OUT

Mini Cute Marquee OEM back piece $25 plus ship

Taito Egret 3/AWSD Control Panel box "firewall". Not sure what the piece is called. Have a few. $40 plus ship
Taito Egret 2/3/AWSD Marquee holder Bracket. Type 1 and Type 2 available. Type 1- two piece with front through-holes. $125, Type 2 (one piece). $90. Comes with screws. I also have one type 1 bar left w/ screws ($65)
Taito Egret 2/3/AWSTaito Egret 2/3/AWSD Move Strip Metal Bracket replicas. Powder coated, ready to go. SOLD. NLA- message Alberto if you're interested in purchasing these.D service door/access door/back door/coin door replica and OEM parts. TBD.
1 each left- Egret 2 coin box SOLD
1 each left- Egret 2 coin door w/ hinge and coin assembly holder (no mech) SOLD

SNK MVS U4-25 Access panel // main PCB door (oem, clean) $75 plus ship (x2)

Taito Egret 29 Marquee holder Bracket $70 plus ship- comes with hardware. ON HOLD
Taito Egret 29 replica Marquee acrylic $170 plus ship. VInyl/slotted, comes with hardware. ON HOLD

Taito Vewlix 1p populated control panel (TYPE FC). OEM,SOLD OUT

We can do tangs, doors, brackets, etc. Basically have done most of a Madonna, various metal parts in Astro/Egret/Ponies/Swings. I've started gathering cad/replica for vewlix, blast, nnc. I have made small runs of Jaleco Mk3-25 monitor frame brackets (duplicate of factory), as well as harder to find bits and pieces. If you need something done and don't mind loaning an original, I can help.

Mission: high quality replicas. I do the best I can with prices- but there's a lot of prep work (CAD) and access to tools, time, etc. We try to be as accurate as possible. A lot of this is done for preservation as well as time spent. There's a balance too- if I spend a dozen hours on something I can only sell one every 5 years, then the price might be a little high. I do the best I can <3

Overseas shipping is totally fine. As a heads up- it is shipping *as is*. I am not responsible for lost or missing/damaged packages. We can get insurance or not- it is your call- but I won't be liable. I can make a nice, safe package and get it to the post- but above and beyond that- the buyer is responsible for any and all insurance claims. If you don't wish to deal with that, you're more than welcome to find someone stateside that can re-ship for you. It's just too dang stressful to have to get involved and trust that both countries shipping processes will go smoothly. I appreciate the understanding!

Let me know if you repro the coin box doors again as well, I'm in need of two.