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Sep 16, 2015
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Yokosuka, Japan
I have wanted to do this for about two years and finally got around to finishing it finally. Here's the skinny:

1. Metal Enclosure with stand offs for the CPS2 system to bolt right into place.
2. Powder Coated top and bottom.
3. Graphics directly printed onto the case using epoxy ink. Basically ripped the idea from the CPS2 hardware proper.
4. LCD mounts on the front inside part of the case with the buttons just poking out enough for press and deflection.
5. Relocates the Volume and Test button to the front of the case.

What work is involved:

1. Solder to the Volume and Test button positions to relocate the buttons.
2. De-case your boards.
3. Splice a new fan into the fan connector (or crimp new ones on).
4. Upgrade the fan. The original sucks.
5. Remove the vertical pin header on the LCD screen and replace it with a right angle one.
6. Connect everything up and wire manage as you see fit.

What you get:

1. Fully enclosed (minus the back) CPS2 system.
2. A very well protected setup.
3. Full access to the JAMMA/Audio/Kick Harness connector on the back (it sticks out a bit).
4. A recessed screen with protected buttons.
5. No more crummy plastic button depressors that break :

Huge thanks to Mitsu and Darksoft for the support getting this kit to the community and fixing issues as they find them. I don't recall who made the graphics for the board label, so I apologize for not saying thank you personally.


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Direct to the top half of the case using PC Fan Screws. Since there is more room I replaced it with a Startech one but a Noctua will be going in once it arrives.
Cool, so the big question, how much? And when can we get them? :D
I guess it always depends on demand. This single prototype was quite expensive; but doing 10 or more would make it more afordable I think.
Better yet, dual purpose, consolized and jamma cab capable, ultimate solution. Marqs is creating a hdmi output scaler for the CPS2. <3 <3 <3 <3
BTW, I want one! Sorry about all the post, just super excited about this.
That requires a lot more design time. While it is an ultimate goal of mine, its not something I am going to be done with anytime soon (deployment starts next week).

Doing a dual "console" and JAMMA setup is actually doable since there is a lot of through-hole connections at the JAMMA edge you could leverage.

For now though, I am going to stick to the sweet case design and see if I can convince the JCC shipping crew to take that one while I am gone.
I just saw the stream..looks cool... How about making Metal cases for the Cave PCBs? That would be very cool:)
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I also saw (like 2 minutes of) the stream. I'm happy I was wrong, I thought it would be a fully consolized setup. Count me among the interested.
Well, put me down for 1 case and lets work on the upgraded dual use one :D .

Oh, like SNK says, a cave metal enclosure with fan options would be the ultimate. So +1 for me on those.
Oh and please drop us a link to the right angle header unless you're planning on including them? I am a digikey noob and always order the wrong part. I already have a replacement fan (from JNX) but I'm sure folks would love to know the source on that, too.
Are you gonna make custom decals/overlays for the front/back identifying the connections and/or functions?

And again consider one of these cases sold :D
This case is awesome!

But please allow me to express what I feel are two huge personal deal breakers...

  1. No external SD card access, we'll have to open the case every time we want to update the SD card/games.
  2. Modification of the Darksoft LCD, minor maybe but IMO the case fits the existing guts (the LCD was first so you must adapt the case to it, not adapt it to the case).