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I'm working on some highly detailed models that are printing pretty well on my CR-10S. If you're willing, I'd love send you a test file to see a comparison print done on The Beast V2.
So I started building this thing in November and I got about half way done and started running into some issues with the printer that left me... lets say "disappointed" with some of the design choices. so I started to re-design a few minor things here and there to improve on the design which slowed the build way down. I took a break since I was super busy with family stuff from thanksgiving through new years.

i started back up again today and go to the point where I'm done most of the mechanical build and have started into the electronics.

Lets just say I whole-heartedly DO NOT recommend buying this printer.

The electronics are unbelievably sketchy. it's all done with "off-the-shelf" generic components from China. It's clear that whoever designed this thing really doesn't know much about electronics beyond what needs to plug into where. EVERY connector on this thing is either a screw terminal or an unkeyed dupont connector/header.

I just stepped away from the build for today when I started looking at the heated bed setup. it's literally just a big silicone diaphragm that you plug into the wall, no computer control what-so-ever, it's got a giant knob under the bed to adjust the temperature... so no PID tuning, no electronic tracking of temps, no auto-shut-off once your print is done, and no thermal run away protection. it doesn't even have a power switch, so if by some miracle you get it adjusted properly the only way to turn it off is to turn the knob all the way down and lose your adjustment... or unplug it from the wall.

I expected an AC powered heated bed, a bed this size that's kind of the only way to do it, but it should have a digitally controlled thermostat or at minimum a relay that's controlled by the computer.

For the $2300 price tag I'm very disappointed, I would expect these short-cuts from a cut-rate printer in the $800-$1200 range (given the size).

It will probably be a few months before this thing is fully operational because at this point there's no good way to get my money back, so I'll likely be redoing all of the electronics from scratch.
it runs whatever you want.

when you order it there are a dozen different hot end configurations to chose from including a volcano

I didn't go with that because it doesn't make sense for the kind of things I'm printing.
Sorry to hear it turned out to be a disappointment.

I'm getting my feet wet with 3D printing now, finally have a use case that made investing worth it, picked up a Prusa Mk3.

I have to admit, designing up a custom functional part for a project and then holding it in your hand a little over an hour later is pretty awesome. I've had a pinball mod in various stages of progress for over 3 years now, keep redesigning parts of it or getting sidetracked by other things. Printer will go a long way towards finishing it finally.

@twistedsymphony - I do the same kind of side business strategy, invest profits back into tools and toys. I'm currently rethinking the garage to try and fit a large format laser cutter. Gotta juggle cabs and pinballs and the usual garage stuff, but I think I can pull it off.
Prusa MK3 is a great printer.

I definitely didn't expect to get as much use out of my printer as I have. in-fact about a year before I bought the printer I was deciding between spending the money on a welder or a printer and I bought a welder... it's mostly collected dust while my printer runs nearly 24/7