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Jul 21, 2015
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I just decided to Pre-Order a new printer The Beat V2: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1624260277/the-beast-v2-second-generation-large-format-3d-pri

As some of you know my current printer gives me grief sometimes. I mean I abuse the thing and it does pretty well considering but I've been looking for something with both an enclosure (to help get more consistent prints) and a heated glass bed (so I can continue making parts with a smooth glassy surface). This is a surprisingly difficult combination to find, in-fact I've only found 1 other printer on the market with that combination but it's $4500 and other than the enclosure it's barely an upgrade from my current machine. So you can imagine my excitement when I found one announced with those features plus a MASSIVE build volume.

I've already got some new print ideas lined up that I am unable to do with my current printer due to size limitations, so hopefully once this delivers I'll be able to start offering those :thumbsup:
Am I reading correctly that .1mm layer height is the minimum supported height? Is it possible it CAN go lower?

I realize when you've got gigantic build volume that you're not necessarily aiming for higher res prints, but I see a noticeable improvement on my prints that are .05mm compared to .1mm height on my CR-10s.

With the capacity for adaptive layer heights within a print, the ability to go lower than .1mm could mean some features of your print get the advantage of incredibly small layer height where needed.

I will personally not accept higher than .05mm layer height as a minimum in any future printer I buy.
Am I reading correctly that .1mm layer height is the minimum supported height?
you missed this part:

Super Fine Detail
At .05mm layer height, you cant see layers with the naked eye. Surfaces are smooth to touch and slightly matt in appearance.
Our printer can print solid objects right down to .01mm. Just how fine (or coarse) you set the layer height is entirely up to you.
Because our printer utilises 3rd party, non proprietary slicing software such as Simplify3D and Slic3r, layer heights are infinitely adjustable to suit your needs.
saying it's "infinitely adjustable" is technically not true since it's really going to be a limitation of the stepper motor on the z-axis, but I'm sure it can adjust down to where it's functionally irrelevant.

it looks like someone asked about this specifically and this was their response:
Its not practical to print any lower than .1mm layer heights, although it can be done, I have infact printer at .02mm, it took forever, and results were as good as .1mm Technically the hardware is capable of moving in increments of .0012mm if my memory serves me correctly.
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It's definitely intriguing, then! Do you find that you've successfully monetized 3D printing to justify the costs for the functionality?

Selling stuff is just so tedious and boring to me that I don't know if I could stand it. :P

Edit: I spent quite a lot of money on my CNC machine just because I wanted one and don't know if I'll get to the point of making money with it, so I can also understand the appeal of expensive tools for personal use, too.
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Do you find that you've successfully monetized 3D printing to justify the costs for the functionality?
As of right now I don't pocket any money I've made from 3D printing but I do use the profits to re-invest in new products and tools. So for instance the business bought Taito F3 hardware and an F3 multi so that I could develop parts for that, and the business will be fully paying for this new printer.

At the end of last year I essentially sold my printer, and all of the other tools I'd been using to run the business, to the business.

So while I haven't personally received any pay the business owns the current printer, this new printer, a Cameo 3 cutter (for making stickers), a soldering station, lots of smaller tools, as well as a CPS3, CPS2, F3, and STV multi setups as well as a Dreamcast, GDEMU, Rhea, and USB GDROM among other things.

I try to be fair about this and keep my own personal finances separate, so for instance I paid for the MVS multi out of pocket since there isn't really any development application there.

I will say that probably 80% of my sales are GDEMU and Rhea trays. Despite most of my development and investment going into arcade stuff there just aren't nearly as many arcade collectors as there are retro console collectors. The profit margin on the Arcade stuff is lower too. The STV multi housing is my most expensive product, and my best selling arcade product, but it has the lowest profit margin of anything I sell because the material cost is so high and being such a large item the print yield is total shit, I hate printing them because it ties up the printer for a whole day and there's a good chance the part will warp or have another blemish that will make it fail my "QA" standards.

I'm hoping that this new printer with an enclosure will dramatically improve my yields since I'll be able to control ambient temps. Currently whenever the seasons change I start getting junk prints and need to reconfigure my temperature profiles. My current glass bed is a custom built setup and as a result the temperature isn't totally uniform so I have some hot and cold spots too, the new printer is setup with glass from the factory so hopefully it will be better suited to even temperature across the bed. Also due to it's massive size I'll be able to make larger products too. I've already got 2 new products designed that I can't print right now because they wont fit on my current printer, but they'll be easily printed by the new one.

so the TLDR is this: I don't pocket any money from the business but I have no qualms with spending the business's money on things that will increase the product line up or improve throughput/yield, both of which this new printer will help accomplish.

Selling stuff is just so tedious to me and boring to me that I don't know if I could stand it.
I feel the same way which is why before I sold a single item I setup my web-site and automated as much as I possibly could. So basically I just start some new prints a few times a day and every night I check the site for orders and box them up. I use paypal to generate all of my shipping labels and print on label sized sticker paper. So 99% of "the work" is unloading the printer and loading parts into boxes. without that I'd be spending 99% of my time emailing and PMing people back and forth which is honestly a waste of time for both me and buyers and I probably would have stopped offering stuff for sale after a few months if that were the case. With the site people can browse it at their leisure and order on their own terms. and it keeps track of everything for me and dramatically streamlines my process.

If you are interested in trying to make some money with your printer let me know. At this point I could probably make more money writing a book on what I've learned about making money with 3D printing than I could selling 3D prints :D
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I'm ramping up to start production on a 3D printed item I'm going to sell. The CR-10S I've got is going to be fine for the beginning, but I'll quickly get to where I could invest in a better printer, and would benefit from being able to have higher output volume.

I was curious what the status of your pre-order on the Beast V2 is at this point. I've got more 3D printing experience under my belt and took another look at this printer, and see that it could be useful in my production, especially if it had quad extruders.

In my limited searching, however, I was not coming up with reviews for this printer, so the info I'm getting is directly from the manufacturer.
It only started shipping a few weeks ago. Mine got held up because I ordered the aero extruder and the supplier for those parts screwed them up twice so another supplier had to be found. But mine should be shipping early next week.

I haven't heard much from the people who have received theirs yet but there is a Facebook group for assembly support and the official forums (which I've never checked out) but I'd imagine early reviews would be appearing I those places.

I can say that the guys behind this printer have had awesome communication through the whole thing. And any questions I see posted get a fast and appropriate response.
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Finally arrived today!

Dollar bill for scale. :D

will likely be a week or so before I have the time to actually assemble it.
Finally arrived today!

Dollar bill for scale. :D

will likely be a week or so before I have the time to actually assemble it.
"Please dont stab with forklift!!!" :P

Good stuff man, hope it is a nice upgrade for you over your old one (although it made some damn fine prints if you ask me!)
Awesome! Keep us updated.

I'm working on some highly detailed models that are printing pretty well on my CR-10S. If you're willing, I'd love send you a test file to see a comparison print done on The Beast V2.
Improve on the CPS2 A-Board volume buttons. Make them snap off proof!
@twistedsymphony, you obviously are descended from a secret tryst between Nicola Tesla and some hot long-legged college professor way back in the 1920's. You're a genius in your own right. To quote Han Solo, "Why didn't you say so before."

Hot damn! Orders incoming!!
So I ordered 4 of the CPS2 volume buttons and saw the GDEmu tray and snagged one of those too. But dagnabbit! I should have viewed the rest of the site for some other goodies while I was there. Oh wells.

@twistedsymphony, I have an idea for a joystick mount for some restore projects. Will PM you with details so no industrial saboteurs listen in and steal the thunder.
These bit-district.com A-Board buttons are the absolute bullocks! I am going to go disassemble my A-Boards and toss out the OG volume buttons and replace them. I won't even keep the OG ones because if I left them in, sooner or later, I know they will break off and I'll be like stuck while hosting a gaming get together where the volume is too low or too high.

Well done @twistedsymphony!!