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Simple things to rule out first:

What are your harness switches set to?

What about the switches on the back of the supergun?

Is the kick harness hooked up?
I can't remember which direction is "correct" off hand (I think to the left), but I tried all orientations of the harness switches.

I also didn't realize there were switches on the back (I have this box tucked into a rack setup). Perhaps they got moved when I moved the box to its new home. I attached a screenshot (I'm at work so can access the Axun website), I assume the highlighted switches are what need to be set correctly? If so, I'll pull it out and check this evening.

And, yes, the kick harness is hooked up. It's worked in the past, so if those switches on the back control 4-6, I'd say that's probably what the "issue" is.


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I'm a bozo -- it was the switches on the back.

Is there a scenario where you would want these deactivated?