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May 20, 2016
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Update: 21st Jan 2024.

Units are in stock and available to order. PM me to order and for current pricing.

PayPal F&F with Tracked Postage Internationally.


Toyoshim has designed a new JVS board, the MP12-IONA-SB.


It’s similar to the Brook Fighting Board, uses the same connector cables, but speaks JVS rather than USB.

As IONA-SB uses an additional chip to speak JVS protocol, you don’t need any software setting to mitigate and to adjust electrical characteristics. It will just work.

Use cases include creating fight sticks with low latency JVS support and wiring up arcade panels to plug directly into JVS. Boards are able to be daisy chained for multiple players. The device is powered by USB-C. Standard USB-B to USB-A connection to JVS. Daisy chaining is achieved by USB-A to USB-A between boards.

Support for 1 Lever and 8 Buttons with coin, start, test, service, BOOT and META buttons (BOOT and META are special buttons to change IONA-SB settings).

Layout and rapid-fire are configurable.

It supports "JVS Faster Mode" on exA-Arcadia hardware.

As a bonus, it still can speak USB HID for mini hardware; such as Neo Geo mini, Mega Drive mini, Playstation mini, PC Engine mini, C64/A500 mini, etc.

Manual here: https://toyoshim.github.io/iona-sb-support/en
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I'm game for one.

Would thr brook harnesses I own be usable for this? If I keep them.
i would be interested in 2 considering if price isnt guoge me in teh eye
My guesstimate on the price would be approx $60-65 USD per unit.
Shipping to the US would be $20 USD
Shipping to rest of the world would be $25 USD

This takes into account initial DHL postage from Japan to Australia and local taxes/duty.
Postage takes into account actual cost of postage and new packing boxes.
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This looks perfect for the Exa. Is there a good way to convert JVS to DB15 so I can use a stick with this with JAMMA games?

Edit: Also curious what the easiest way to plug two or potentially four of these controllers in would look like in practice… not sure how this stuff gets daisy chained together or if I can just plug multiple sticks into a splitter or something. JVS is still something of a mystery to me.

That said, I’d be tentatively interested in two.
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These look ace and it’s great they work with same headers and connectors as Brook kit, nice touch. Potentially interested in 2 subject to confirmation of compatability with TTX 2/3, final price point and international shipping costs to UK. But assuming nothing unfortunate happens in your testing and prices are as your earlier post or better I’ll be In ;)
Update: Two test units are finally on the way to me today.

The reason that I’m being overly cautious is that there were a lot of users with the 07-IONA-US that had compatibility issues, so I want to give this a proper workout in various scenarios and co-sign it before I sell.

Thanks for your patience and interest. This board *hopefully* will be a game changer for those of us running Brooks for their X3 Multi, bypassing traditional IO boards for hooking up cabs for JVS, etc.
Will this JVS board ping the type x3 watchdog to keep it from rebooting itself every few minutes?
Haven't had much time to sink into getting the device tested.

Straight off the bat though, it doesn't work with the TTX3 Multi.

After speaking to Toyoshim, he's informed me that this boards primary use case is for "Fast JVS" as introduced with the eXa-Arcadia system.

Apparently, the version of JVS on this board might be "too high" for the X3 Multi (or older systems) to handshake / provide access. I am working to see if there's anything that can be done to get this working and will continue to see if this is possibly user error on my end.

If anyone is well versed in the JVS protocol; any input or info I can provide to Toyoshim would be greatly appreciated.