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Mar 12, 2022
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All originals. All come in Southtown Shockboxes with artwork. All marquees and inserts are original. Prices include shipping (within US only):

Fatal Fury Special (JP) - Marquee, move strips, inserts, dip sheet, authentic label (JP) - $120 SOLD

Samurai Shodown II - Marquee, move strips, inserts (Eng and Spanish), dip sheet, authentic label - $85 SOLD

Real Bout 2: Fatal Fury - marquee, inserts, dip sheet, authentic label (holo) - $120SOLD

World Heroes 2 - inserts, dip sheet, authentic label - $75 SOLD

3 Count Bout - inserts, dip sheet, authentic label, marquee, SNK sealed - $65 SOLD

Art of Fighting - marquee (x2), inserts, dip sheet, contest sheet, SNK sealed, original label - $65 SOLD

King of Fighters 98 - inserts, dip sheet, marquee, original label (small tear, visible serials), blue cart - $100 SOLD

Metal Slug 3 -inserts, marquee, original label, clear cart - $150SOLD

Metal Slug X - marquee (slight yellowing), move strip, dip sheet, inserts, repro label (original is behind it but in bad shape), blue cart - $150 SOLD

Shock Troopers - inserts, marquee, dip sheet, original label (holo) - $215 SOLD

Aero Fighters 2 - marquee, inserts, dip sheet, original label - $120 SOLD

Neo Turf Masters - marquee, inserts, dip sheet, original label, mint, also including original AES style shockbox art - $200 SOLD

Add to any order: (1X) Blank, Clear-Smoke, unused MVS shell - $10

- Payments accepted via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle
- DM to request individual pics of boards and titles

Here’s an example of the condition these are in:



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KOF98, SamSho 2, FFSpecial and World Heroes 2 are SOLD.
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Neo Turf Masters and Shock Troopers are sold.
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Friday bump before I go to the UPS store in the next hour or two. Buy two or more and I can do a little discount.
Art of Fighting, 3 Count Bout and Metal Slug X are sold. Only Aero Fighters 2 (original instruction cards are included, not pictured) remains. Thanks!


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