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Feb 22, 2021
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Hello everybody, i have decided to sell my MVS collection due to lack of interest. Mostly full kit matching with some exceptions, jap full kits and a lot of flyers too, please contact me if you need any information or picture. Shipping from Italy not included, pp payment or bank transfer.

prices in euro, feel free to contact me if prices are wrong and with offers, cheers

You can find me also on ebay to check feedbacks (diospada901)

Available List:

Andro Dunos Japanese FK 850
Captain Tomaday FK M 450
Cyber Lip FK 450
Double Dragon FK M 295
Flip Shot FK M 200
Ghost Pilots FK 370
Goal Goal Goal FK M 75
Metal Slug 3 FK NM 495
Metal Slug 4 FK M 250
Metal Slug X FK M 700 ON HOLD
Metal Slug 5 FK M 1200
Mutation Nation FK 500 ON HOLD
Neo Bomberman FK Japanese 450
Nightmare in the Dark FK M HOLO 1000
Ninja Combat (no dip) 200
Savage Reign FK M 200
Sengoku 3 FK M NOS 750
Super Dodgeball FK M 850
Super Sidekicks 3 (no box) 35
Viewpoint FK 1000


8 Man FK 400
Aero Fighters 2 FK NM 180
ASO II (no Box) 300
Bang Bead FK M 490
Blazing Star FK M 700
Breakers FK M 230
Fire Suplex FK Japanese 180
Ganryu FK NM 1250
Garou FK Japanese 1000
Gowcaizer FK M 790
Ironclad (homebrew) 100
Kabuki Klash (box hm) 150
Kizuna Encounters (box hm) 300
Kraut Busters FK 1200
Last Resort FK Japanese 550
Magician Lord FK Japanese 600
Matrimelee FK Japanese 1400
Metal Slug FK NM 225
Metal Slug 2 FK M 300
NAM 1975 (box hm, no dip) 250
Neo Drift Out FK Japanese NEW 500
Neo Turf Masters FK NM 220
Neo Geo Cup 98 (box hm) 75
Ninja Commando FK 600
Ninja Master's FK Japanese 550
Over Top (box hm) 200
Pop n Bounce FK M 130
Prehistoric Isle 2 FK M 500
Pulstar FK M 1300
Puzzle Bobble FK M 100
Puzzle Bobble 2 FK M 130
Puzzle de Pon! FK M 110
Puzzle de Pon! R (no marquee) 130
Real Bout FF FK Japanese 180
Real Bout FF 2 FK Japanese 250
Real Bout FF Special FK Japanese 270
Robo Army FK 450
Samurai Spirits FK Japanese 150
Samurai Spirits II FK Japanese 200
Samurai Spirits III FK Japanese 250
Samurai Spirits IV FK Japanese 250
Samurai Spirits V FK Japanese 350
Samurai Spirits V Sp FK New Jap 1200
Sengoku (box hm) 180
Sengoku 2 FK Japanese 450
Shock Troopers FK M 300
Shock Troopers 2 (box hm) 195
Snk vs Capcom FK M 600
Sonic Wings 3 FK M 450
Spin Master FK M 250
Street Hoop FK M 150
Strikers 1945+ FK NM 330
Super Sidekicks 2 FK NM 45
Super Sidekicks 11 FK M 65
Tecmo 96 FK M 45
The Last Blade FK Japanese 275
The Last Blade 2 FK Japanese 430
Top Hunter FK Japanese 330
Twinkle Star Sprites FK M 1400
Windjammers FK M 390
Zed Blade FK NM 365
Zupapa! FK M 520


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