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I was able to locate an Assault PCB. I’m ready for this multi!


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Finally ive found pictures with Metal Hawk pcb (not the coolest ones , but as ideea to know how this look)


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I've been working on some Namco System 2 OLED logos since I've been working on the Taito F3 ones, kinda in a mood right now ;) Note: There hasn't been any plans to support an OLED selector, but perhaps maybe in the future. *maybe*.

I figured I'd get these done "just in case".

I really enjoy making these. It's artistic problem solving, similar to how artists work in game development. Crunching down the resolution to miniscule pixel sizes, only using black and white colors, and trying to capture the essence of the logo within these restrictions. In some cases the logos are straightforward and simple, makes for easy pixel reduction. In others there are details you lose or got to reinterpret. Then there's the use of dithering patterns to mimic shadow gradations.

Anyway, if an OLED comes to this multi, we will be ready.
Put me down for one please- got a CG the video ready ! also put me down for a taito F2 🤣🤣🤣
Assault and Cosmo Gang the Video are likely the most cost effective Donors. Rolling Thunder 2 is an expensive game.
I suspected Cosmo Gang since it is a cheapo on the SFC but found only ebay listings in the four figures, same for the Sports title. Those two where the reason why i asked if there is even a "sensible" priced donor.
(I'm aware that there are a lot of bogus prices on ebay but it's the easiest way to get "somewhat" of a baseline price)
I've said it before but the video board needs to be reproduced. It's relatively simple for what it does and it could probably be easily reverse engineered. There are tons and tons of good donor CPU boards available from all the parted out Final Lap/Four Trax/Suzuka cabs. Having the video board reproduced would open this multi up to a much larger customer base.