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I posted in another section before but...

I went with total replacement to increase both airflow and silence the unit. The stock fans just outright sounded like a banshee in a cardboard box.

I went with these for the GPU and CPU fans


They fit perfectly between the cooling fins on the heat sinks and the holes line up. I did have to change the screws out for longer ones. I also had to take the power connector ends off of the old fans and use them on the new fans so I could plug them directly in where the old ones plugged in. This took a minute as the Naomi actually uses the sensing wire to see if the fan is on. If it's not the Naomi will not start up.




Then for the case fan I went with this (This fan also works on the case in a Naomi 1)


It pretty much perfect also. I also had to do some work on the connectors to make sure it plugged in right.


When I was done the machine was whisper quiet and I had no issues with cooling or anything.

Hope that helps!
Sorry I know this is old, but what screws did you use for the cpu fans? Thanks!
Interested to know what screws did you use too...
M2,5 * 15mm or something like that ?
I couldnt find anything that exactly worked. So I found some screws at Lowe's that would thread down into the base plate and it happened that they were very snug on the inside of the fan holes. Then I put a few dabs of LokTite down in the holes. I may never get them apart ever again but, I am pretty sure they aren't going to rattle loose either. Sorry I don't remember the exact size of screws.
I think I need to replace one fan on my N1. Thanks!