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Got my adapter from @jassin000. Until I get my Axunworks CF Netdimm, I only have a Slashout cartridge to test with. It's (edit: meaning Slashout) not mentioned as working in the linked thread, and doesn't appear to work on first try. So I'm not sure if Slashout just doesn't support Maple input, if I didn't set it up right, or if there's a hardware issue.

Is there anything I need to do to make the Naomi 2 recognize Maple input, or should I just hang tight until I can test one of the games that's known as working?
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I'm not sure why Slashout would support a controller or a VMU.

The Naomi games that have Maple support also have Dreamcast versions. Slashout wasn't on the Dreamcast.

So yeah, hang tight.
Sega Naomi Maple Adapters to Allow Use of Dreamcast Controllers and VMUs

There are two options:

Do It Yourself Kit: $15 plus shipping
---This includes just the pcb and the two connectors. You get the DC controller ports yourself from an old broken Dreamcast and solder it together.

Fully assembled adapter: $50 + shipping.
---These will be on a first come, first served basis since broken Dreamcasts don't magically fall out of my ass. You can get on the waiting list and I will sell them in order as I acquire dead Dreamcasts and harvest the ports. Contact me to order these.


I had them made in white and red because it is similar to the Naomi logo color scheme. These allow you to use Dreamcast controllers or the Dreamcast controller to play games that support the use of DC controllers. This is virtually a MUST if you want to play Typing of the Dead or Lupin 3: The Typing. You just plug the keyboards in and they work by default. The other games require the controller to be turned on in the game test mode.

This thread discusses some of the games that work with the DC controls and the extent of how they are used:


It's probably worth noting that if you buy two DIY kits you can probably turn your own profit by selling an assembled pcb since each Dreamcast harvests two DC controller ports.
I'm down for perhaps 2 DIY kit if you still make them.
I always have DIY kits available. You do need to source your own controller ports tho.