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Jan 21, 2017
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Birmingham, UK
I've ported my previous WiFi netbooter image, a rewrite of devtty0's work to DietPi so it's now compatible with Pi 3B, 3B+ and Pi 4 with integrated support for both 16x2 LCD screens and 480x320 3.5 inch touchscreen LCDs. I've also fixed a few outstanding issues, it's now much quicker to establish a connection and the auto power off feature is working as it should. The aim is to continue to add functionality over time.

  • Memory check bypass for faster game loading
  • Time hack - no need to use a zero pic on a Naomi/Naomi 2
  • Multiple netdimm support per system (Naomi, Naomi 2, Triforce and Chihiro)
  • Hotspot Wifi and Home Wifi/Wired network support with DHCP or static IP addressing
  • Netdimm firmware upgrade for type 1
  • 16 x 2 LCD and 3.5 inch touchscreen support
  • Single boot mode for automatic game loading
  • Compressed game roms so everything fits onto a 32GB micro SD card (SanDisk 32GB recommended)
  • Curated, standardised romset thanks to @Murray
  • OpenJVS support thanks to @bobbydilley (requires additional adaptor)
  • Beta OpenFFB support thanks to @Fredobedo007 (requires additional adaptor)
  • Card reader emulator for Initial D, Wangan Midnight and F-Zero games thanks to @winteriscoming (requires additional adaptor)
  • NFC Card support for card emulator save games
  • Card printing in the web interface for Initial D, Initial D2, Initial D3 and F-Zero AX
  • On screen menu for choosing and loading games that runs on the Naomi/Naomi 2 thanks to @DragonMinded
  • No more triforcetools! backend now uses @DragonMinded's netboot suite
  • Server mode for automatic and unattended netbooting
  • Update function added so no more giant downloads
  • Documentation thanks to @sdufus
v5 only - Once you've downloaded the image you need to extract the img file and burn to a 32GB micro SD card if you want a full set of games. You then need to make a couple of changes to the filesystem. The best tool for the job is MiniTool Partition Wizard, simply install and with the micro SD card inserted in the PC, open the software and you'll see 2 partitions, one FAT32 and one EXT4. Move (don't resize) the EXT4 partition all the way to the end of the disk to the right then apply. Once complete, extend the FAT32 partition to take up all of the space in between and apply. This is necessary to increase space for ROM storage, you can now copy your ROMs to the boot partition in Windows into the folder called roms.

Move the SD card to your Pi, hookup to your Naomi and power on. You should see a new WiFi SSID to connect to called WiPi-Netbooter. The password to join is segarocks.

Now open a browser and enter anything as long as it starts with http:// in the address bar (I use simply naomi) which will take you to the homepage. Options are available on the menu bar, top left.

February 2022 update: New version v6.1 AIO which has the partitions already resized and all roms included, sized to fit a 32GB micro SD card. Includes fixes, new features and updated UI. I've updated the readme doc in the download folder so please read that for more detailed information.

March 2022 update: camera support and card printing added for MKGP and MKGP2 on Triforce, card printing support added for WMMT and WMMT2 on Chihiro.

April 2022 update: added alpha version of Doom for Naomi by DragonMinded and various OSM fixes.

Version 6.1 AIO release notes:

Proper multi dimm support, all areas now covered, OpenJVS has an extra setting in netdimm management so WiPi knows which system it's attached to
F-Zero AX,MKGP and MKGP2 card printing and NFC support on Triforce
MKGP and MKGP2 camera support on Triforce
WMMT and WMMT2 card printing and NFC support on Chihiro
DragonMinded's excellent on screen menu for Naomi, this will be in sync with the main game list if you've edited it in the web interface
Single boot mode now works as originally intended, once booted it will wait until it can reach each configured system then boot the default game once (this can also be the on screen menu)
New server mode based on DragonMinded's netdimm_ensure script, this works like single boot mode but you can leave the Pi powered up on your network
New update system, future releases will be uploaded as deb packages and installed via apt so no more giant downloads
LCD 16x2 colour option added as request
No more Triforcetools on the backend, replaced with DragonMinded's netboot suite of tools
Revised documentation by @sdufus
v4 image retired

Username/password to access the Pi via ssh: root/raspberry

v5 Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wHsxYsnnRuKyNvGyvuLA3JglbmRBBqZn/view?usp=drivesdk

v6.1 AIO Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1d2ToNeE02WAdE3Jo_62NHlxzVegzloVy?usp=sharing

8GB version without roms:

Latest source code available here: https://github.com/chunksin/WiPiNetbooter

Compatible hardware adaptors:
FTDI or CP2102x based RS485 to USB adaptor for OpenJVS
Trendnet TU-S9 or Prolific PL230x based USB-Serial adaptor for the Card Emulator
Advanced Card Systems ACR122U & ACR1252 NFC card readers


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Nice work! I think it would be nice to create an option for the Pi to join an existing WiFi network instead of creating its own. I’m not a fan of having to switch networks on my phone for this single purpose and lose internet access.
Great work, thank you!

I'm currently using an LCD touchscreen with PiDimBoot but do like the option to use my phone.
Just had a look at the image, very nice! I really like the setup and videos, very clean.
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I’m going to re-up my SD and test this out, thanks for your work @chunksin
Thanks for this. I didn't get a chance to doing it on the weekend, but I'll have a play around with it during the week.

I think this build would be one of the first to have it made for 3b+ and 4. I specifically purchased the normal 3b because I couldn't find anything that was 3b+ or 4 compatible, so thanks @chunksin for updating
What's the issue with 3B+? I've ran net-booting on it no worries, and it's better than the regular 3B as it has faster wifi.
There were posts I saw that stated it wasn't compatible.. No issue anymore since it's been updated now :)
I had issues from memory with 3B+. The 3B is what I’m using at the moment. Runs all the different images out there fine.
Works well, adding the missing Atomiswave videos atm.

Just to confirm, GPIO relay control is not implemented yet?
Nevermind, read the OP.
I've added GPIO relay control as an option and will test this week, would anyone find Netdimm firmware upgrade a useful function? I was thinking I could add the LCD plate support in too so you could use either method to load games. Any other feature requests welcome!
Haven't tested yet, but I would love a progress bar when loading a game (if it's not there already) :)

What does the GPIO relay control do?
I was just looking at progress bars this morning! the GPIO relay control is for games that won't allow you to restart the Naomi, this affects all Atomiswave conversions and a few Naomi titles like Border Down. You can wire up a relay between the raspberry pi GPIO and the fan speed control sense wire inside the Naomi. The script activates the GPIO pin which switches the relay to cut signal on the sense wire which causes the Naomi to restart and load the game.
Awesome! Is there a possibility to have simultaneous access to Wi-Fi as well as LCD?
Certainly! I'll add that to the list

Edit: all working, I've updated the code so that the LCD and Wifi launchers pull information from the same CSV file so it's easier to update if you need to and you can edit your game list for both LCD and Wifi via the webpage. I'll add the wifi customisation options and upload later in the week.
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Image is uploaded and ready to go, I've tested it as much as I can but I'd be grateful for any feedback on stability or issues you might find.

I've added a new Setup menu and moved some items over from the Options menu (as it was getting a bit busy) and added Netdimm firmware upgrade option, the Options menu also now includes the relay reboot option.

The LCD plate support is integrated into the image, I've ditched the old game list and added the LCD game name text as an extra column in the CSV file for easy editing, then modified the main piforce tools scripts to pull data from there. If you edit the game list via the webpage, the changes are reflected instantly on the LCD screen and any game launched on the LCD will be included in the single game mode launcher. Of course the image will run without the LCD plate, a service runs on startup and if the LCD is not present it will quit out and just run in Wifi only mode.

I've added a progress bar, the timing for this was calculated by working out the transfer rate of data between a Pi 3B+ and the netdimm and then estimating a game's load time based on it's file size, I've found it to be pretty accurate, see what you think!

I've also decided to give the image a name, just to make it easier when referring to my version, it's now called 'WiPi Netbooter' and the SSID and webpage now reflects that.

So, in short, if you fancy adding LCD plate support to your Wifi netbooter or Wifi support to your LCD plate netbooter, this will do the job! (provided your Pi has Wifi of course!)

I've updated the download link in the first post if anyone wants to try it out.
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