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Mar 18, 2016
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Hi all,

I just gotten the SCSI2SD earlier this week and managed to get it up and running. So as I was testing it out a bit on Street Fighter 3 : Third Strike. I noticed that there were some graphical glitches on a couple of stage.

Puzzled, I went to do a SIMM Check and the result was that SIMM 1 and SIMM 6 turned out as NG.

At first I was thinking did my SIMM 1 and SIMM 6 turned bad ? But I was still able to load the game and played a couple of rounds, surely if it was dead I wouldn't have been able to load the game right or am I wrong ?

I haven't touched the CPS3 for a couple of months until this week to install the SCSI2SD.. ( I doubt this has anything to do with the SCSI2SD right ? All I did was cloning as image of the disc and put it into the SCSI2SD )

Should I be looking to get new SIMMs (64 and 128) or its worthwhile to try to take out the SIMM and see if cleaning the connector helps.? I am just worried that it might get worse and I won't be able to load anything at all :P

Thanks all !
I would clean everything including the cart and the cart slot. It can cause all sorts of issues.
On a Darksoft SuperBIOS setup SIMM 1 is always reported bad (it's not the CRC tables just need updating).
You don't run the simm check but the flash memory check. If it's bad then it just won't show as present in the test.
Thanks for the suggestions! I will give it a try later on in the day !
Clean the slots and SIMM 7 is back in action !

I am running the superbios as well I guess that's why SIMM 1 shows up as bad.

Thanks for the help everyone!
so if I good undestanding it's normal on a Darksoft SuperBIOS setup SIMM 1 is always reported bad with SIMM check but with memory check I have it, is it good note that no glitch on SF3.3 and other games:

I have had SIMM show up as NG but be fine.

Best way to check is to write the actual game to all SIMMS and if it works. It ok.