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I'm interesting in this but, could it be simplified with JVS->USB bridge? Or USB-DB15? If I'm mistaken, I apologize.
You could wire a usb adapter to work with this. You would need to make a custom adapter like in my video.
I modded 2 Revolution X guns to play shooting games on Sega Lindbergh multi.
They both work well but I have to run wires from my 2P DB25 adapter (pin 10-11) to 1P DB25 adapter (pin 12-13) because 2P guns uses AD2 and AD3 to work for gun X/gun Y on 1P.
I would like to remove these 2 wired and add wires on S-JIHP helper itself.
Is it possible to remap 2P AD4-AD5 (wires that comes from pin 10-11 of a DB25 2P connector) to 1P AD2-AD3 on S-JIHP ?
Could someone show how to proceed ?
As I'm saving up for a Naomi 2, I want to adapt my custom wheel's DB15 pinout to the S-JIHP's pinout (standard DB15 gameport connection) so I can easily adapt my modded wheel to JVS systems. Is there a high quality female to male DB15 adapter I can purchase online that will let me jump the pins of my schematic to the pins the S-JIHP wants? Most of them seem to be sold out or discountinued.

My schematic was meant to work on Model 3 but I'd like to save myself a ton of time. Fortunately, most of the Naomi driving games actually require fewer buttons than Model 3, since all games used only one view button instead of 4.