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The printout in GamingDoyle's pic looks like a JAMMA edge printout. I used the same image MrHide linked to make my VF1 harness.

What game are you trying to run?

I'm not trying to run any game, per-say, but rather I have a VF1 cab that has a (poorly) JAMMA-ized harness. I picked up an original VF1 harness to put into it, and have an unobtainium part I would like to make an adapter with. The BS25P-SHF-1AA is a 25-pin JST-NH header with a side entry instead of a top entry. I would like to create a small fingerboard that allows me to use the JST-NH header and soldered wires to an JST-NH connector to create a Model1 harness to Model2 harness. This is what I have so far in KiCad but I want to label everything on it for ease of use, even though it's very specialized and very limited hardware, lol:


Attached @biggestsonicfan , seems the forum won't let me upload excel so I zipped it
Oh that's very slick, thank you!
Hi! :)

Could someone give me the exact correspondence of the CN2 pin of the soundboard to the connector of the Filterboard to make the cable :saint:

THANKS :thumbup: