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We going in like it was black Friday during the good ole days


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I get why you feel like you’re kinda late based on the way others are dibsing things left and right but he hasn’t even posted prices yet. But maybe I’m naive and deals are being worked out in DMs.
I'm just not getting my hopes up but still putting my interest out there.
I think this thread would annoy me from anyone else, but it's Derick and I can't be mad, it's more funny watching everyone salivate. Good luck to whoever buys whatever it is he's actually selling!

My PCB money is slotted for synthesizers and music gear in 2022, can't be paying these Cave prices for boards.
If Jotego can implement a CV1000 core I will do a backflip

Did you sell DFK?

I sent a message said I was buying it. What happened????
I wrote in the wrong thread.

I won't buy from this guy.
I completely dislike the process and timing of everything with lack of communication and , most probably, behind the back/pm offers deals.

Good luck
I sent a message said I was buying it. What happened????

How are you buying it when Derick hasn't listed prices for any of the boards?

EDIT: Oh, I see, wrong thread. Nevermind then.
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Still interested in futari BL that I posted about earlier. @Derick2k please message me about it if it’s still available
Oh wow I'm late to this lol interested in Espgaluda, Pink Sweets, or Futari BL.