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The move strip led work with every vewlix with exception of the Orange or Black. Those require extra metal parts to be fabricated for them since Taito change the design. I working those out as well.
Awesome! I need at least 2 for my diamond black cabs (as discussed in pm) :)

Also need 2 acrylic marquees to go with your awesome marquee lights!
I assume there will be a new interest thread when instruction light kit is ready.
Just now seeing your reply. Please put me down for a set, thanks
@Derick2k hey, you had me send PayPal for a kit via dm back in july but after I never got a confirmation or any response. Just wondering if my kit will be shipping soon? Thanks
Hey @Derick2k , was trying to reach you via PM but I guess your Mailbox blows up...
Anyways I have 2 Kits open (PAID) because I was waiting for them to ship together with the 2 Vewlix Marquees (PAID).
I can't find for the love of god find the other thread.
Could you throw in some update on the Marquee process, or if anyone post a crossling to the applicable thread...

Has something happened with @Derick2k ? Haven’t seen a post in a long time now. Hope all is well
He finally responded once to my dm a month ago apologizing saying he’d ship my order asap after not responding for months . Haven’t heard from him since . It’s not a huge amount of money or anything but it’s not exactly an ideal situation either. Hopefully he’s alright .
Well I Paid for 2 LED Kits and 2 Marquees…
I usually have a good feeling with him but would be nice if he would post again here
I think most received theirs so it must have happened something with him him or surrounding him I guess. Anyone know him irl to know if he’s fine?
Hopefully everything is OK with him. It is not a lot of money, so I’m not in any huge hurry. Hopefully he is OK.
I talked to him over the weekend. He is starting to go thru things and get stuff out. There is a large backlog of stuff and it will take time. Patience is critical. I won't delve into personal things, but believe me when I say there are very good reasons for him not being active all this time. Just know he and his family are alright and things will work out in good time. I got over 1000 dollars of stuff I'm waiting on too. This hobby is like that sometimes. Family always comes first. You will get your things.
I figured he was extremely busy as he has gone silent so didn't even wanna bother with my plexi project from almost 6 months ago! Hope he comes back soon.
I was digging around and forgot I had a set of NIB LED lights from him. If anyone is interested PM me, same cost.