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I’m interested if it works with Vewlix L.

@Derick2k And surrounding the payment, I was under the impression the cost wasn’t settled yet?

These will work with every vewlix, as long as the OEM wiring is still there

For now its, $75 per kit without shipping. Shipping fee with be calculated at for each individual, etc.. as shipping rates are insane right now and seem to be changing almost daily. If I get the costs down I will pass the savings onto all who ordered.

I‘ll take 2. Just paid for it.
Hope you send to Europe
Yes, these will ship just about anywhere.

If there are enough orders/interest maybe I can send a bunch to someone there and they can handle the forwarding or setup distribution with @CPZ - SAVEYOURGAMES ?? Lets see how it goes. I honestly wasn't planning for there to be a lot of interest in these. I figured if I would get 10 kits sold it would have been a success :D

Again, thank you to all of you that are placing orders and those that have supported the project, even if its just like a post! :thumbsup:
I was wondering what that unplugged wire was for when I was cleaning my cab.

Just prepaid for one!
@Derick2k will the LED has different color? would be nice to have Green color or perhap different color temperature if it's white led only
wow nice, i am wondering how much for RGB version compare to non-rgb? because I am definitely would go for RGB over a white led version
I wont have a price until I can complete the boards. There are a few other factors to take into consideration, like the controller portion. Again something to discuss on the project thread here: Vewlix Marquee Lights
Ok, I will probably cut these off at 40 kits and place an order for those pcbs to get things moving.