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anyway you can add a led light to it? would be great to have light up buttons without having to get a whole setup to just have fancy lights.
Minor fixes. Think I’m reasonably happy with this.

Any idea what a reasonable price for these would be? Might sell some before releasing design and code.
Awesome idea you got here, it looks really nice (and i really want one !)
Hahaha thats such a dumb/genius idea that I kindof love it.

Wont happen for this project, but would be cool some time.

Also this project is not forgotten, but have been busy
I guess I can keep on dreaming though but the prospect of a force feedback for shumps bomb button or run and gun type games would be just too fun to forget.
I guess I can keep on dreaming though but the prospect of a force feedback for shumps bomb button or run and gun type games would be just too fun to forget.
Yeah dont get me wrong, it sounds pretty fun
Some minor changes, think I'm mostly done with this design now.
Sourcing Atiny85 which the current design uses is uh... gonna mean AliExpress right now it seems due to component shortage, so might change the MCU on some revision I dunno.

Either way, features:
- Autofire rates are : 60 / 30 / 15 / 10 / 6 / 3 / 2 / 1 hz
- Pressing the button under the pcb cycles rates.
- Holding the button for 4 seconds changes the burst durations (duty cycle).
- Settings persisted across power off (stored in mcu eeprom)
- Led under pcb shows the when output is active
- Hooks up to regular crimps of a button, but also needs 5v.
- Optional extra connector for dupont connector if you prefer that
- Dupont connectors can be connected directly to another autopew pcb to allow for one button using auto, while other is regular (or another rate).
- Either solders to a OBSF-30 or can be used solderless by just bending the buttons pins outwards
- Handsoldered by me, which is unfortunate but hey.

I'm initially planning to charge 30usd for these (obsf30 not included), but will require buying at least 2 at once (so 60usd minimum order). Shipping comes on top of this but can't be much.
Might lower this later if I can easily source the MCU, or change the design more.

Some pics of latest pcb:

Cool that people are interested, there's some good news here and some bad news for the current version.

- This still works great, and I've used this to successfully clear both Strikers games. No issues whatsoever in terms of performance. Shit is great!
- Look at this shit?
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJUqbHe3Nkw

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c9AwtsiLG1k

- I'm not sure the thing with quick-connects is a good idea any more tbh. The current ones are too tight of a fit for some quick-connects on astro panels, so I might just use a JST header on a new version or something, and then sell it with crimped wires for connecting instead. Seems like a better idea.
- That means I need to make another version
- I'm lazy as shit, so that wont be here until in a few weeks or something I dunno
- ATTINY85 are basically impossible to source outside of aliexpress now due to component crisis/shortage/whatever which suuuuuucks, so yeah. I have like 15 IC's or something right now. Lame

TL;DR: Works well, but has some things I want to fix. If you want a early version then hit me up I guess??? Otherwise I'll have something a bit nicer some time later probably.

BIG DISCLAIMER: I'm a dumb hobbyist so don't expect Darksoft quality on my shit. Works well enough though.