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Oct 20, 2020
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Irvine, CA
I purchased this a few years ago directly from Osaka vendor. the machine is in very good shape.
Monitor has been recapped.
very clean, slight markings on the sides but barely noticeable
minimal burn. Recapped. Looks nice.
All original.

Located in Southern Cal. I prefer local pick up.
Thank you!


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if you have an e29, at least give me a chance with that one , lol
Woow, beautiful, I see a Namco Consolette in the photos at the back, will it be for sale please? ;)
Namco Consolette 18.. very rare cab. For now, this is not under consideration. :)
Think only through how many situations you’ve passed to import it to USA 🙏🏻✌🏻

Anyway , i told him in the past when he asked about consolette 18”… was possible the import to europe and then to czech republic , but he still looking for better options👍🏻
there were some others trying to sell for lower price but i am not sure what happened to those.
They had an extra monitor with theirs, and just as clean. No interest from the market, unfortunately and decided to keep it.

I had been debating selling mine, but it's not as nice as either yours or the ones you were referencing and seemingly the demand isn't there for the price I'd be hoping for.

Doom and gloom aside, fingers crossed for your sale!
I wonder if there were any offers on the last posting and what was being offered? I doubt no one wants a cute.
There was another one for sale recently on here at 4K with a spare monitor, didn't sell.
I wonder if there were any offers on the last posting and what was being offered? I doubt no one wants a cute.
Yup. Had some offers that though I greatly appreciated from those that showed interest, were just too low for what it is. It’s ok, when the time is right I’ll consider it again.

That being said, good luck to @jslsbcw1010 with this post. Hope you get what you’re looking for my friend.
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Man... one day im going to take a trip out to Cali just to make trade with people. I want to exchange all my games for Cutes only. lol
Wait, Are these not even trades for other candies? I noticed at a few places there priced higher than I normally see other games. Is there a reason for that?