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      I know, I know. You **could** remap. But there are just too many buttons needed that a standard 6-button fighting game layout can't support .
      You've got:

      Square - Arm 1 (fire machine gun)
      X - Arm 2 (fire Gunpod)
      R1 - move manipulator
      R2 - speed up
      L2 - speed down
      Circle - Gunpod Select (right)
      L1 - Gunpod Select (left)

      That's 7! Though, you could probably get by with one Gunpod Selection button but i can't remember if you press the one Gunpod selection repeatedly, if it cycles through the selections.

      Then there's the question of all of this being pretty cramped on the CP with the standard fighting game buttons.

      If I loved the game more, I would try to put a custom panel together for it. One that spaces out the buttons from a 6-button layout and try to come up with a layout that would feel ergonomic for this game.
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      opt2not wrote:

      If I loved the game more, I would try to put a custom panel together for it. One that spaces out the buttons from a 6-button layout and try to come up with a layout that would feel ergonomic for this game.

      Kavas wrote:

      I'm running 7 buttons on my vewlix since the holes were there. I think the gunpod cycles.

      I know it would be a silly looking hack job, but using foot peddles is an option without replacing a CP.…tle_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

      I use two for Quake champions and other PC shooters. Saves from hand cramps since you dont have to move your hand as much. I've used 4 at once for RTS games. Takes a little time to get the muscle memory down. Once you fumble your way through learning to use your feet, it's hard to go back to not having foot peddles.
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      acblunden2 wrote:

      For reals. The whole concept of console-to-arcade-cab is ridiculed by some. I think they miss the point.
      This project doesn't take away from cabs. It adds TV input functionality to a cab. It's a space saver and a cost effective way to play games without paying any inflated secondary market cost. It makes these games playable on home cabs in a more cost effective way. It's a approachability argument.

      I was considering buying a BVM becasue I'm loosing the competitive F5ing on craigslist. Really the Jammerizer is much better, juxtapose with a 20inch BVM. Jammerizer+cab and you don't need to buy a old tube tv for home consoles and have a cab for arcade games. You get both in one unit. You could buy two cabs for the price of a BVM. If someone is in a apartment and wants a cab and a BVM, the Jammerizer+cab is a better space saving and cost effective option.

      You can use the controllers for the home consoles. You dont have to use the CP if you don't want to.

      Some other games to consider

      Display Spoiler

      thunder force V
      thunder force VI
      Night raid

      Gunners Heaven - CP controls may be awkward
      Tobal 1,2
      Incredible Crisis - the OG PCB is not really needed. The PSX game is fine
      Just about any of the rhythm games

      Dragon ball GT PSX
      Gundam: Battle Assault 1-3
      Dead or alive 3
      Dead or alive 4 (more of a 720p game. Vewlix Console I/O project)
      Street fighter 3rd strike on Xbox360 is cost effective

      Psychic Force 2012 is a odd PCB. a DC would be a space saver
      The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match / cost effective
      The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match / cost effective
      Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars on wii is arguably final REV.

      Someone mentioned character saves in MvC2
      Tekken 4 needs a dedicated 246 if your using a 256 for everything else.
      Setting up 4 player Naomi/DC games is probably easier just using a DC and jammarizer.
      Just about every PSX game before the implementation of analog sticks, 98' ?

      The Bad

      Instant brain's version of Dodonpachi is not the best.

      DDP DOJ on 360 is unplayable IMHO. It's a port of the PS2 version and load times brake the game. Even with the patch. It takes 2 minuets of loading to quit game and restart your run. Hard game, not everyone is going to want to play it anyway.

      other than that the CAVE games are all fine.

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      @MissionFailed some nice ideas for sure. I'm scheming on a good way to implement 4p Dreamcast games, as I'm not trying to wire up a Naomi on the same machine(s) nor am I looking to buy boards for stuff like Blitz and Showtime. This should be a nice alternative for those types of games.

      You menitioned TvC on there an RGB SCART option available for the Wii? Never considered anything like that for this generation of console.

      A cool bonus I discovered recently: was able to play PS2 Time Crisis 3 on my Astro City with a Guncon 2 via SCART RGB w/composite pigtail cable for the gun attachment. The cable is sold by Retro Access if anyone else is interested in setting up something similar.
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      Can I get added back onto the list, or is this generally available now?
      Arcade MultiSystems:

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      I never knew, time to hunt down some GameCube cables and get cracking on some Tatsunoko... finally a (rare) instance where a PAL console is superior over the NTSC/J equivalents.
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      djsheep wrote:

      The issue is what multi board works with Wii controls?
      what about a gamecube to ps2 controller adapter? For if your running a xbox360/ps3/wii setup?…o_gamecube_wii_black.html

      Wii + citrus 3k hdmi + Vewlix Console I/O would be a nice set up. Could get your X360/ps3/wii playable on one cab. If that was someone's preferred setup.

      Gamecube Controller Adapter + Wii U + Vewlix Console I/O would work as well. no HDMI mod needed.

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      the Goat wrote:

      BroadwayJose wrote:

      You menitioned TvC on there an RGB SCART option available for the Wii?
      Yikes that's more work than I care to do for one fighting game. Think I'll throw that into a LCD cab and call it a day. That way can also preserve widescreen, which I'm pretty sure is how TvC was designed for in the first place.

      Can confirm that Gamecube ports and controllers will work for this game. It's how I played it years ago upon release (via PS2 to Gamecube adapter).